Sabrina’s Book Corner: Somewhere Over the Fence

Hello, and welcome back to Sabrina’s Book Corner! This week we are going to be discussing My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick.

My Life Next Door tells the story of Samantha Reed. Sam and her mother, a successful politician, live next door to the Garretts. The Garretts are the kind of family that Sam has always wanted. A family that’s loud, messy, affectionate, and full of people, which is drastically different from her own small family. While her sister is away for the summer, it’s just Sam and her mother in their house, which is always open-house clean and hear-a-pin-drop quiet. This is why Sam craves the chaos of life next door.

Sam likes to watch the Garretts from the little balcony outside her bedroom window. Content to watch the chaos of the Garretts’ lives, Sam never considered taking part in the chaos until one of the Garretts catches her watching.

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Sabrina’s Book Corner: Identity Confusion

Hello, and welcome back to Sabrina’s Book Corner! This week we are going to be discussing The Remedy by Suzanne Young.

The Remedy tells the story of Quinlan McKee. Quinlan is a closer, which means she works closely with grief therapists to help families struggling with the death of a loved one. Closers have the responsibility of easing families’ grief by briefly “becoming” their deceased loved one.

Closers are not perfect copies of the deceased loved on, but they wear the deceased’s clothes, change their hair accordingly, and study the deceased person’s personality so they can “become” them and give the families the chance to say goodbye.

Quinlan has been a closer since she was seven years old. Now, at seventeen, she is having difficuly distinguishing between her memories and the memories of those she has portrayed.

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Sabrina’s Book Corner: Night Life

Hello, and welcome back to Sabrina’s Book Corner! This week we are going to be discussing Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen.

Along for the Ride tells the story of Auden West. Ever since Auden’s parents divorced when she was little, she has been an insomniac. It sounds bad, but never sleeping has its advantages, such as extra study time.

When her parents divorced, Auden threw herself into academics and became a mini-adult so that she would not cause her parents any trouble. Auden doesn’t mind that she seems to have missed out on all the joys of childhood, since she has her outstanding academic record and scholarship to college. Now, all Auden has to figure out is what she is going to do with her summer.

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Sabrina’s Book Corner: The Heart’s Desire

Hello, and welcome back to Sabrina’s Book Corner! This week we are going to be discussing As You Wish by Jackson Pearce.

When Viola’s boyfriend breaks up with her, she’s left feeling unloved and without a place to belong. Viola wishes so badly to belong again that she accidentally summons a genie. At first, all Viola notices is that someone seems to be following her.

It isn’t until she points out the stranger, and her best friend and ex-boyfriend — yes, that ex-boyfriend — say they can’t see anyone that she begins to worry. Viola decides to ignore the stranger that only she can see, and it works until she gets home. The stranger is standing in Viola’s bedroom demanding that she make her wish.

All Jinn wants is to return home. When a jinn is assigned to a human master, the master has three wishes, and the jinn must remain on earth until the three wishes have been used. While jinn are on earth, they age as humans do, and if Jinn hates anything, it’s aging. Jinn is hoping that his new master will wish quickly so that he may return home, but Viola does not want to use her wishes.

As Viola and Jinn spend more time together, their friendship grows, but both know that eventually Viola has to wish. Humans and jinn were not meant to co-exist or be friends.

As You Wish is a magical read that shows that companionship and acceptance can be found in unexpected places. Pearce weaves an enchanting tale of camaraderie and belonging that you don’t want to miss.

Happy reading!

— Sabrina Parr, Poetry Editor

Sabrina’s Book Corner: Colors of the Spectrum

Hello, and welcome back to Sabrina’s Book Corner! This week we are going to be discussing Embrace by Jessica Shirvington.

Embrace tells the story of Violet Eden, who is having a weird start to her birthday. She wakes up from a nightmare with the same injuries she received in the dream, and a tattoo is crawling up her arm. Although her birthday is off to an odd start, Violet decides to act as if nothing strange is happening at all.

Violet meets up with her best friend Steph on the way to school, and they go over their plans for the night. After school, Violet and Steph go dress shopping to find the perfect birthday outfit, and then go meet Violet’s dad and Lincoln, whom Violet has had a crush on since they met. The problem is, Lincoln has never shown any interest in returning similar feelings.

Violet is determined to enjoy her birthday even with all of the weird things going on, but everything changes when Lincoln tells her that he is only half human. Surprise…so is she!

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Sabrina’s Book Corner: Perfect Flowers

Hello, and welcome back to Sabrina’s Book Corner! This week we are going to be discussing The Cellar by Natasha Preston.

The Cellar revolves around the kidnapping of a young woman named Summer. Summer was on her way to hang out with some friends when she was approached by a man who seemed to mistake her for another girl named Lily. The next thing Summer knows, she is locked in the cellar of the man’s house, along with three other girls.

At first, Summer wants to assume that there has been some mistake because her name’s not Lily, but she is forced to face the truth when she finds out the other girls’ names: Rose, Poppy, and Violet. 

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Sabrina’s Book Corner: Summer for the Dogs

Hello, and welcome back to Sabrina’s Book Corner! This week we are going to be discussing The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson.

Andie had her summer planned out months in advance. She was going to attend a prestigious summer program for high school students who want to major in pre-med. Just as Andie is about to leave for her program, disaster strikes. Andie’s father, a successful Congressman, gets hit with a scandal — he is accused of stealing money from his own charity.

Now, Andie is even more anxious to go to her summer program. Spending the summer locked in the house with her father is not in the plan, but when the program pulls her acceptance because of her father’s scandal, Andie is left without one.

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Sabrina’s Book Corner: Find Me

Hello, and welcome back to Sabrina’s Book Corner! This week we are going to be discussing Nearly Gone by Elle Cosimano.

Nearly is just trying to get into a good college. She is competing with her best friend, along with another student, for a full-ride science/chemistry scholarship. All three are evenly matched in academic achievement, so the scholarship will be awarded to the student who scores highest in the class.

Nearly follows her own rules: no bad grades, no trouble, and no touching. The rules have always served her well, until there is a murder at Nearly’s school and the killer seems to be calling her out.

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Sabrina’s Book Corner: Tale Older than Time

Hello, and welcome back to Sabrina’s Book Corner! This week we are going to be talking about Old Magic by Marianne Curley.

Kate Warren is the town freak, simply because her grandmother owns a new-age shop and believes in magic. Kate is often ridiculed and called a “witch” at school. But what her classmates don’t know is that Kate actually is a witch — and she’s proud of it.

Kate is surprised when a new kid arrives and shows the signs of being gifted. While Kate is observing the new kid, Jarrod, she notices two things: first, Jarrod doesn’t know he’s magical, and second, Jarrod is cursed. Kate feels a responsibility to help Jarrod, but when she tells Jarrod about his magic, he thinks she is either really weird or in need of help. Jarrod avoids Kate, ignoring her if they are in the same place, but when Jarrod’s little brother gets seriously hurt, Jarrod starts to believe Kate.

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Sabrina’s Book Corner: What You Thought Was True

Hello readers, and welcome back to Sabrina’s Book Corner! This week we are going to be discussing The Opposite of Me by Sarah Pekkanen.

Lindsey is on the verge of getting everything she wants. She is about to be named vice president at her marketing firm, something she has worked endless hours and suffered countless migraines to achieve. Lindsey’s hardworking attitude stems from comparisons to her utterly beautiful twin sister Alex.

Alex is a model, and she has everything she could possible want out of life. Since Alex seems to so easily get what she wants, Lindsey has always worked twice as hard to get the upper hand. But just as she is about to step out of her sister’s shadow, disaster strikes.

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