Sabrina’s Book Corner: Somewhere Over the Fence

Hello, and welcome back to Sabrina’s Book Corner! This week we are going to be discussing My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick.

My Life Next Door tells the story of Samantha Reed. Sam and her mother, a successful politician, live next door to the Garretts. The Garretts are the kind of family that Sam has always wanted. A family that’s loud, messy, affectionate, and full of people, which is drastically different from her own small family. While her sister is away for the summer, it’s just Sam and her mother in their house, which is always open-house clean and hear-a-pin-drop quiet. This is why Sam craves the chaos of life next door.

Sam likes to watch the Garretts from the little balcony outside her bedroom window. Content to watch the chaos of the Garretts’ lives, Sam never considered taking part in the chaos until one of the Garretts catches her watching.

Getting to know Jase Garrett is not a part of Sam’s plan, but he might be just what she needs.  As Sam becomes more involved in Jase’s life, she finds that she likes the messiness of life next door.

Just as Sam is starting to feel like she belongs in the Garretts’ world, the unthinkable happens. Sam tries to act as if nothing is different, but the secret she is holding is tearing her apart. All too soon, Sam is faced with a devastating choice of first love or family.

My Life Next Door explores first love, friendship, and how to stay true to yourself even when faced with an impossible decision.

Happy Reading!

— Sabrina Parr, Poetry Editor

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