Pick-a-Poem: “Techno-Origami”


Hello, blog readers! It’s time for another installment of our Pick-a-Poem series here on the blog. On Wednesdays, we feature a new poem from the website Poetry Daily. This is a great website that features a new poem every day. If you’re looking for something new to read, be sure to check out that site! This week we’re featuring Techno-Origami by Haji Khavari.

According to the In Translation website, Haji Khavari is a young poet raised in Iran. He was a 2014 finalist in a regional poetry competition and currently edits Plastic Rose, a zine of postmodern literature. His work has been translated by Roger Sederat, who teaches poetry and translation in the MFA Program at Queens College, City University of New York.

Techno-Origami by Haji Khavari

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Jet Fuel Jukebox for 7/19/16

Jukebox_picAnd we’re back to updating our regularly scheduled Jet Fuel Jukebox!

Pitchfork Music Festival 2016 is officially over, and it was an amazing experience filled with incredible performances. I already plan to go all three days again next year, and I can’t wait for it.

But as for now, Jake and I have come back together to deliver a playlist of 20 songs we believe you’re bound to enjoy. Some of the artists this week include Neon Indian, The Wombats, and Tegan and Sara.

— Michael Lane, Blog Editor

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Jet Fuel Jukebox: Pitchfork 2016 Edition


It has unfortunately been a couple of weeks since we’ve done one of these, and I apologize for that. However, the Jet Fuel Jukebox playlist is coming back strong, with a playlist curated with the help of resident music blogger Dan Fiorio in place of the beloved Jake Johnson.

Dan and I have been waiting for this upcoming weekend for months, as the annual Chicago Pitchfork Music Festival occurs this Friday through Sunday (July 15 – July 17). Dan and I will be going together, so that’s why I’ve asked him to stand in for Jake this week. We’ve each grabbed 1 song from 10 acts we’re excited to see at the festival.

The 20 songs you’ll find on the playlist appear in order of when the artist plays their set at Pitchfork over the three-day period. It features tracks from Carly Rae Jepsen, Broken Social Scene, Sufjan Stevens, and Neon Indian.

If you’re going to be at Pitchfork this weekend, I hope that this playlist acts as a nice introduction to some new artists, or a good refresher for some of the many amazing acts that you can see there.

— Michael Lane, Blog Editor

P.S. The Jet Fuel Jukebox will continue with a regularly scheduled playlist from Jake and I next week!

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Editor’s Notes #181

Image source: http://editorialiste.blogspot.com

Hi there, blog readers! I hope you’ve all been having a wonderful summer so far. Everyone here at the Jet Fuel Review blog has been enjoying some time off. However, even though we’re on a summer schedule, there have still been plenty of posts here recently! Let’s take a look back at those recent posts.

As always, we’ve been featuring plenty of poetry here on the blog. Recently featured poems include The World Turned by Jay Rogoff, Happiness by Andrea Cohen, Scrapbook by Kim Addonizio, Most Mornings by Sawnie Morris, and Semblance: Screens by Liz Waldner.

Several weeks ago, a new episode of the Infinite Canvas podcast went up. And there have been several new installments of the Jet Fuel Jukebox. If you’re looking for some summer tunes, you’ve come to the right place!

In addition to their Jukebox posts, Michael and Jake have been summing up the year so far in terms of music. They wrote about their top 30 songs of 2016 so far as well as their top 5 albums of the year so far. Be sure to check out both of these posts!

A little while ago, Haley Renison’s final “Poetic Playlist” of the semester went up on the blog. She discussed “Girls Like You” by The Naked and Famous.

Finally, Michael Lane has written several superb film reviews for the blog. He has reviewed Green RoomThe Conjuring 2, and Dawn of the Dead.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our content over the past few weeks. We’ll have more to come as the summer continues!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan


Jake and Michael’s Top 5 Albums of 2016 (So Far)

Top 5 Albums!The end of June is somehow already upon us. We’ve survived half of 2016. Congratulations, everyone! Have you been enjoying the year’s music releases as much as we have? Whether you’ve kept up with the music scene this year or not, Jake and I want to look back on the first half of this year and present to you the albums (5 from each of us) that you definitely should have been listening to, along with some honorable mentions and what we’re anticipating for the rest of the year. In case you missed it, make sure to also take a look at our top 30 songs from 2016, and maybe take a peek back at our favorite albums in 2015 as well.

Jake: 2016 has easily been one of the most exciting years in music this decade for a number of reasons. With my music taste being rooted in pop music, this year saw some of my favorite artists returning to release what could arguably be their best works. Not only that, but many artists across all genres are experimenting with their sounds and expanding what fans expect from them. With such an already incredible year, it’s hard to narrow it all down to my favorite 5 albums — I had difficulty even picking the honorable mentions! But here is where I have been musically for the past six months.

Michael: What I’ve loved so much about music this year is that almost every album I’ve really enjoyed has caught me off guard. My top 5, represented below, is composed entirely of albums from artists I had no prior knowledge of or interest in. Even my honorable mentions list only contains one record I was looking forward to (Kanye, of course), so this year has been great for discovering amazing talents in music, and that’s especially exciting.

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Pick-a-Poem: Liz Waldner


Greetings, blog readers! I hope you’re all having lovely weeks. We’ve come to the middle of the week once again, so it’s time for a new featured poem. All of our featured poems come from Poetry Daily, which you should check out if you’re looking for new poetry to read. This week’s featured poem is Semblance: Screens by Liz Waldner.

According to her bio page, Liz Waldner has written eight collections of poetry. Her second collection won the Academy of American Poets’ Laughlin Prize and the Iowa Prize. She has received multiple grants and has been a Fellow at the MacDowell Colony, among others. She has also taught at various colleges and universities, including Bard, Tufts, Millsaps, and the University of Iowa.

Semblance: Screens by Liz Waldner

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Jet Fuel Jukebox’s Top 30 Songs of 2016 (So Far)

Jukebox_picWe’re steadily approaching the halfway point of 2016. With that, Jake and I have decided to create a playlist that celebrates the best songs of the past six months!

We’ve bumped up the track-listing to 30 this week (15 choices from each of us), simply because there’s been so many amazing songs thus far in 2016.

Enjoy our favorite tracks from this year, and then join us again later this week when we share with you our respective lists chronicling our top five albums so far this year.

— Michael Lane, Blog Editor

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