Meet the Editors: Caeley O’Connor

Caeley O’Connor

Welcome back, readers! We hope you are enjoying your Saturday. For this week’s Meet the Editors, we’d like to introduce assistant poetry editor Caeley O’Connor.

Caeley O’Connor is a senior at Lewis University, majoring in Journalism with a minor in Creative Writing. She is also a copy editor for the school’s newspaper. In her free time, she enjoys writing, solving logic and cryptogram puzzle books, and listening to instrumental music. She is currently in the process of writing a fiction book, which she plans to publish in the future. Upon completing college, she is planning to go into the book publishing industry to help aspiring writers achieve their goals of publishing a book of their own.

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Meet the Editors: Julie Nettles

We hope you are enjoying this lovely Sunday evening! This week we will be introducing poetry and prose editor Julie Nettles.

Julie Nettles is a Senior at Lewis University majoring in Secondary Education and English Studies. She is currently completing her student teaching at Joliet Catholic Academy in Joliet, Illinois, and hopes to start her career using the tools obtained during her time at Lewis in the Spring of 2022. Julie is also a recipient of the Give Back Foundation Scholarship and hopes to live up to the Give Back promise by cultivating analytical thought within her students. She looks forward to reading your submissions and watching emerging writers refine their craft.

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Meet the Editors: Emilio Franchini

We have quite a few new editors this semester, and we hope you are as excited to meet them as we are to introduce them! The first editor we will be introducing is Emilio Franchini, who is joining JFR as an assistant poetry editor, assistant prose editor, and copy editor.

Emilio Franchini is from Joliet, IL and now lives in Plainfield, IL. He holds a particular interest in both writing and drawing, frequently crossing over the two disciplines as his preferred methods and techniques in storytelling. Additionally, he enjoys exploring music, movies, and other mediums of entertainment in search of inspiration for his written works.

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Meet the Editors: Sean Darke

For the final “Meet the Editors” for the semester, we are excited to present Sean Darke, who is a poetry editor for Jet Fuel Review. I hope you all enjoyed getting to know our wonderful new editors, and I hope you will tune in next semester when we share more. Similar to this series, our “Meet the Bloggers” will make appearance this semester, as we have a new blogger joining soon. Without further ado, here is Sean:

Sean Darke is a senior at Lewis University who is completing his Bachelor’s degree in English Studies. He currently does not have any active positions on an on-campus organization, but recently finished a term as a board member for the Black Student Association last semester. Sean seeks to be a man with many talents and enjoys a range of different activities and hobbies. His favorite sport is basketball, which he loves to watch and play during his free time. Sean hopes that he may be able to become a sports journalist for the NBA.  Sean also loves to read NBA Player autobiographies, as these pieces provide a different perspective that typical media often does not cover.

Below is our Q&A with Darke:

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Meet the Editors: Cassidy Fontaine

Hello subscribers! Here is another Meet the Editor for you all. This week’s featured editor is Cassidy Fontaine and she is in quite a few editorial positions this semester. She is a layout editor, assistant fiction/creative nonfiction editor, and copy editor. Here is some more about her:

Cassidy Fontaine is a junior at Lewis University, majoring in English with a  concentration in Writing, as well as minoring in Computer Science. She is also a writing tutor at the university’s Writing Center and an employee at her local park district. Outside of Lewis,  Cassidy participates in writing groups with the Community Writing Project. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, working out, reading, and writing. Some of her favorite authors are Gillian  Flynn, Terry Tempest Williams, and Michelle Alexander. Her work has appeared in Windows  Magazine.

Below is our Q&A with Fontaine:

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Meet the Editors: Brittney Crosse

This semester is going quick, and this is the third Meet the Editors post already! This week we present a member of Jet Fuel Review who is our assistant fiction and nonfiction editor and copy editor. Brittney Crosse is this week’s featured editor for Jet Fuel Review, and here is some more about her:

Brittany Crosse is a junior at Lewis University who has previously attended Moraine Valley Community College. She is majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing, and hopes to one day make a career out of writing short stories, which has been a goal of hers ever since she was little. In addition to writing, she also plans to teach fiction writing at the university level. Her interests outside of writing include TV shows, anime, music, video games, and books, her favorite authors being Neal Shusterman, Stephen King, and Haruki Murakami. Brittany spends most of her time with her dog Cordelia, a.k.a. “Cordy.”

Below is our Q&A with Crosse:

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Meet the Editors: Madeline Brzeczek

Hello again! For our second entry to the Meet the Editors series for the Fall semester, we present our prose editor, assistant art and design editor, and copy editor— Madeline Brzeczek. They are excited to be in Jet Fuel Review, and here is some more about them:

Madeline Brzeczek is a senior at Lewis University, majoring in English Studies with minors in Creative Writing and Art with the goal of becoming an author. They are also a tutor at the Lewis Writing Center. Madeline spends most of their time knitting scarves and marathoning bad horror movies with friends, usually at the same time. They collect antique goblets and are a proud parent to many house plants. Their favorite book is Reckless by Cornelia Funke, Madeline’s favorite author and inspiration to start writing. Their favorite genres are fantasy, science fiction, and horror. They prefer the realm of imagination to real life. Madeline enjoys writing short stories and poetry, and was recently published in Lewis Voices and Disquiet Arts literary magazine.

Below is our Q&A with Brzeczek:

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Meet the Editors: Chris J. Patiño

Hello subscribers! The Jet Fuel Review blog returns with its ongoing series, Meet the Editors. Every semester our literary journal gets new staff, and we love introducing them in this way. For our first entry of the semester, we present our newest layout editor, assistant blog editor, and assistant fiction editor. In addition to those titles, he is our newest film blogger under his title, Patiño’s Lores and Myths in Film. If you have the time, peruse his film analysis on The Exorcist (1973).

Chris J. Patiño is a senior at Lewis University, working toward a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism. Inspired at an early age by the late great Roger Ebert, he looks to follow the acclaimed film critic’s footsteps and add his voice to the movie discourse choir. As a Tempo reporter, Chris writes film reviews for The Lewis Flyer. He enjoys just about every film genre, but favorites include horror, sci-fi, and action. A lover of books, board games and the great outdoors, he spends most of his free time in worlds of fantasy and thought. Favorite authors include Stephen King and Jim Butcher, with favorite novels being The Dresden Files series, the Harry Potter series, Salem’s Lot, The Shining, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and All the President’s Men.

Below is our Q&A with Patiño:

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Meet the Editors: Andrea Y. Rodriguez

For our final addition of “Meet the Editors” for the semester, we have Andrea Rodriguez, who is our assistant fiction editor and current blogger under her blog title, Musings of a Future Librarian.

Andrea R
Andrea Rodriguez

Andrea Rodriguez is a senior at Lewis University. Prior to attending Lewis, she completed her associates at College of DuPage. Rodriguez is studying English Literature in order to pursue a career as an academic librarian. As for interests, Andrea loves spending time with her family, being in nature, taking care of her plants, writing, cooking, and traveling when she can. Andrea also enjoys exploring unique writing styles. Some of her favorite pieces include: The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man by James Weldon Johnson, and “Girl” by Jamaica Kinkaid. In addition to being a fiction editor for JFR, Rodriguez is the editor-in-chief of Lewis Voices, and the administrative director for Sigma Tau Delta, of which she is also a member.


Below is our Q&A with Rodriguez:

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Meet the Editors: Henrietta O. Eghan

Hello all, and welcome to another “Meet the Editors” and another great Sunday! This week’s editor is Henrietta O. Eghan, who will also be blogging for Jet Fuel Review.

Henrietta O. Eghan

Henrietta O. Eghan is a Ghanaian geek, a book nerd, an otaku, and a sophomore at Lewis University. She is an English major with a minor in Computer Science with the goal of becoming a technical writer. Eghan writes for the Lewis Flyer Newspaper and works in the English department. She loves to read literature and watch films from around the world and across genres. Eghan loves to read Japanese, Chinese, African, Mexican and American books. Whether it is as a novel, a movie, Korean-drama, a manga, fanfiction or a literary magazine, her favorite past time is to read and explore different cultures.

Below is our Q&A with Eghan:

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