Tim’s Storydome: The Road


“We carry the fire…”

In a world that has been decimated by some unnamed apocalypse, a father and son travel south in order to find a better life. Cold and starving for much of their journey, they cross through bleak landscapes and avoid roaming bands of cannibals all to find a safe haven that likely does not exist.

Storydome returns with two epically powerful stories. Cormac McCarthy’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel takes on its award-winning film adaptation. Two stories enter, one story leaves when The Road steps into the Storydome.

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Storydome: Sin City


Walk down the right back alley in Sin City, and you can find anything.

In the world of Sin City, the politicians are criminals, the cops are criminals, and the criminals are criminals. The only people who aren’t criminals are the victims who are looking for someone to save them. The saviors of the people are not heroes, but men who blur the line between good and evil, often spending more time on the latter half of that line. In Sin City there is a necessary amount of evil that needs to be done in order to accomplish a little good.

Neo-noir anti-heroes tear up the town in their quest for justice, but who will tear up who inside the Storydome?

Two stories enter, one story leaves when Sin City steps into the Storydome.

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Storydome: The Hustler


“I’m coming out of this alive.”

“Fast” Eddie Felson is the best pool player you’ve ever seen, and he knows it. He has worked his way across the country hustling every last dollar from a pool hall before he moved on to the next town. Now, the rumor is that he has made his way to Chicago to challenge the city’s top pool shark, Minnesota Fats. They say the best hustlers in the world come to Chicago only to leave with empty pockets. They say everyone gets humbled here, and that every hustler who has challenged Fats has walked away from the table with the face of a dead man.

No one hustles their way to a win inside the Storydome, not even Paul Newman.

Two stories enter, one story leaves when The Hustler steps into the Storydome.

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Storydome: Fight Training


The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay

You’ll be able to spit nails, kid. Like the guy says, you’re gonna eat lightning and you’re gonna crap thunder. You’re gonna become a very dangerous (movie)…

I know, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay isn’t a movie – yet. The script has been in development for more than five years, but I recently read an article that said there was a rumor that, once again, someone was going to try make a movie out of this novel. If that is the case, then this movie will have to be a serious contender to even stand a chance against the Pulitzer Prize winning novel.

This week I do something special in my blog post. I’m going to take the lessons learned from Storydome and create a how to guide, to make this movie the best it can be.

One Story enters and Two leave when The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay steps into Storydome Fight Training.

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Storydome: The Hunger Games


“More inhumanity to man has been done by man himself than any other of nature’s causes.” — Samuel von Pufendorf

In the future world of Panem, there is a yearly contest between the twelve districts. One boy and one girl from each district are selected to fight in the Hunger Games. It is an event that is celebrated by the citizens in the capitol and an event that is feared by the people of the districts. The contestants range in age from 12 to 18 and, of these 24 children, the contest can only have one winner. Welcome to the Hunger Games, an event where children fight to the death until only one remains.

Ladies and Gentlemen it is now time for this month’s main event. The Hunger Games is in a fight to the death with itself in March’s main event.

Two stories enter, one story leaves when The Hunger Games steps into the Storydome.

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Storydome: The Ice Harvest


As Wichita Falls, so falls Wichita Falls.

Charlie Arglist just did a bad thing. Well, good for him, but bad for other people. But if he isn’t quick to get out of town, it’s going to be real bad for him too. Unfortunately for Charlie, every road in and out of Wichita, Kansas is shut down because of a massive ice storm. With no way out of town, it only makes sense that Charlie stops off at a strip club called the Sweet Cage – because after you’ve just committed a crime there is no better place to spend Christmas Eve.

No ice storm is going to stop this book and movie from battling it out.

Two stories enter, one story leaves when The Ice Harvest steps into the Storydome.

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Storydome: “Stardust”


Adventures are all very well in their place, but there’s a lot to said for regular meals and freedom from pain.

Tristran Thorn has made a promise to the love of his life: to find and bring back a star that they saw fall from the sky. Tristran journeys from his home, the town of Wall, to the world of Faerie to bring back a fallen star. A fallen star, named Yvaine. The world of Faerie is a world of old magic and here stars take on human form.

There will be no wall separating these two worlds from colliding, when the book and movie versions of Stardust face off.

Two stories enter, one story leaves when Stardust steps into the Storydome.

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Storydome: Atonement


The simple truth of life is that other people are as real as you.  

Briony considers herself to be quite the writer. All of her stories have order and everyone always lives happily ever after because in the worlds Briony creates, she makes all the rules. There can be nothing in Briony’s stories that she can’t explain, that she can’t make sense of. Every little detail is crystal clear to her. But life isn’t a story, and life isn’t always so clear, especially to a young girl. So when Briony sees something that she doesn’t fully understand, she has to create a story to make sense of it. But this story has consequences. Consequences that destroy a couple in love and send a young man to war.

Can there be a happily ever after when these two stories face off?

Two stories enter, one story leaves when Atonement steps into the Storydome.

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Storydome: The Outsiders


Stay gold, Ponyboy.

Greasers and Socs don’t get along. The two rival gangs live on different sides of town, and they come from much different backgrounds. Greasers have slicked back greasy hair, and they wear jeans and t-shirts with leather jackets. Some might call them hoods. Socs have nice clean haircuts, wear dressier clothes and letterman jackets. Some might call them the perfect teenagers. When the two gangs meet up, there can only one result: a rumble!

If you’re looking for a rumble, you just found one. The book and the movie version of The Outsiders are about to face off inside the Storydome.

Two stories enter, one story leaves when The Outsiders steps into the Storydome.

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Storydome: Fight Club


Do you ever wonder what kind of dining set defines you as a person?

I am Jack’s swollen indifference. I work a job I hate, to buy things I don’t need, to fill up my filing cabinet of an apartment. I visit tragic support groups for people coping with terminal illnesses in order to treat my insomnia. And I hate Marla Singer, because her lies reflect my own lies. This is my life, and it’s passing me by one minute at a time. Enter: Tyler Durden. The most interesting single serving friend I have ever met.

I am Jack’s self-destruction.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for our main event of the month! Fight Club hits itself as hard as it can in February’s ultimate match up!

Two stories enter, one story leaves when Fight Club steps into the Storydome.

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