Sabrina’s Book Corner: Summer for the Dogs

Hello, and welcome back to Sabrina’s Book Corner! This week we are going to be discussing The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson.

Andie had her summer planned out months in advance. She was going to attend a prestigious summer program for high school students who want to major in pre-med. Just as Andie is about to leave for her program, disaster strikes. Andie’s father, a successful Congressman, gets hit with a scandal — he is accused of stealing money from his own charity.

Now, Andie is even more anxious to go to her summer program. Spending the summer locked in the house with her father is not in the plan, but when the program pulls her acceptance because of her father’s scandal, Andie is left without one.

Determined to make the best of a bad situation, Andie starts to look for a summer job. All of the internships or jobs she would have loved have already been taken, so Andie takes a job as a dog walker. Andie can’t wait until the summer is over, until she meets Clark. As Andie and Clark become close, she starts to think that not having the summer she planned isn’t such a bad thing.

The Unexpected Everything explores the relationships between family, friends, and summer loves. It reminds the reader that sometimes not having a plan is preferable to having everything mapped out.

— Sabrina Parr, Poetry Editor

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