Storydome: All Quiet on the Western Front

Death is not an adventure to those who stand face to face with it. 

The entire world is at war for the first time, but not the last. We all know something about The Great War (World War I) and, depending on your level of knowledge about history, you are probably aware of the more worldwide effect of the war, but do you know how it affected the soldiers on the frontline fighting? Let’s take a glimpse at the human element of war, at the men who kill each other simply because they were commanded to.

It’s an all-out war between these two the anti-war stories. The novel and the movie head to the frontlines to battle it out.

Two stories enter, one story leaves when All Quiet on The Western Front steps into the Storydome.

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Storydome: Mystic River

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Well goodbye, boys
Oh my buddy boys
Oh my sad-eyed Sinatras

Is it fate that brings people together, or is it tragic circumstance? In the story Mystic River, three childhood friends are reunited after twenty-five years of distance. As children, a strange car pulls up to them, one boy gets in, the other two stay on the street. Their friendship, along with their innocence, end on that day. The boys, now men, find their lives once again intertwined by the murder of a young girl.

Two heavyweights collide when Dennis Lehane’s New York Times bestseller faces off against Clint Eastwood’s multiple Academy Award winning movie.

Two stories enter, one story leaves when Mystic River steps into the Storydome.

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Storydome: Children of Men


Last one to die, please turn off the light.

Mankind is done for. Humanity is coming to an end and it isn’t going down in a blaze of glory, but in a plague of infertility. This is the future world we are thrown into in the story Children of Men. Set in the not too distant future, mankind has lost the ability to reproduce and now the population is awaiting the slow imminent death of the species. The great cities of the world have fallen, Britain alone soldiers on, and it is here that a small group of people may hold the salvation of all mankind.

A story of survival in a world with no hope, we’ll see who survives when the book and the movie face off against one another.

Two stories enter, one story leaves when Children of Men steps into the Storydome.

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Enter the Storydome: Peter Pan

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“All children, except one, grow up.”

We all know the story of Peter Pan, the boy who refused to grow up, who stole away in the middle of the night with the Darling children and took them to Neverland. There they encountered mermaids, Indians, fairies, and battled pirates led by Captain Hook.

Peter Pan held his own against pirates, but let’s see how he fares when he goes head-to-head with himself.

Two stories enter, one story leaves when Peter Pan steps into the Storydome.

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Enter the Storydome with Tim!


I guess you could call it tradition in Hollywood — taking ideas from books and basing movies off of them.  Sometimes it’s a success and the movie makes you forget all about the book, while other times you can’t help but think those sons of bitches in Hollywood ruined a perfectly good story.  Either way, we end up comparing the two mediums and thinking about which one told the story better.

But really, why go through all the trouble of having to do all that thinking?  Wouldn’t it be easier if someone just told you which one was better — the book or the movie?  You’re in luck, because that is exactly what I’m going to do.Welcome to Storydome: where two stories enter and one story leaves.  It’s a knockout, no holds barred fight between movies and books, and in the end only one can win.  And just like any fight, there are rules to this battle.


First rule of Storydome: You do not talk about Storydome.
Second rule of Storydome:  
Ignore the first rule. (I encourage you to talk about it, it helps pad my ego.)
Third rule of Storydome:
I must read the book and watch the movie within a week of them entering Storydome. (This keeps them both fresh in my mind)
Fourth rule of Storydome:
Keep it fiction. 
Fifth rule of Storydome:
There MUST be a winner.
Sixth rule of Storydome:
 The book must have been published before the movie.  (None of that book-based-off-the-movie crap)
Final rule of Storydome:  
My ruling is law and cannot be disagreed with. (If, for some unimaginable reason, you do disagree let me know in the comments section)

A winner will be decided based on who does a better job of telling the same basic story, and any other subjective reasons I might come up with.I’m always open to suggestions for a fight you’d like to see.  Feel free to email the Jet Fuel Review ( with your suggestions or leave them at our Facebook page. Be sure to put Storydome as the subject or we’ll miss your email!

See you next week for our first battle in Storydome.

— Tim Fitzpatrick, Editor

Editor’s Note: Tim Fitzpatrick is an English major at Lewis University with a focus on creative writing.  Tim is 26 and is only just now starting college.  He has always enjoyed telling a good story, and he is at Lewis to learn to do that better.