Meet the Editors: Kyle Paup

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Kyle Paup

It’s another Monday, which means a second editor is going to be introduced. This week we are introducing Kyle Paup, our new Asst. Fiction Editor & Asst. Layout Editor, as well as our Communications & Media Editor.

Kyle Paup is a junior at Lewis University double majoring in English Writing and Philosophy of Law. This is his first year working for Jet Fuel Review, but he is no stranger to writing or editing. He is passionate about writing and has already worked on developing his own novels. In the past, Kyle was Editor in Chief of his high school newspaper, and now works as a Communications intern for the City of St. Charles. He is open to all types of literature, but dark fantasy is one of his favorite genres.

Below is our Q&A with Kyle Paup:
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Meet The Editors: Amber Curl

Amber Curl

Welcome back to Meet the Editors! We have a new semester, a new blog editor, and a slew of new editors at Jet Fuel Review. In keeping to old habits, we have decided to continue the Meet the Editors series every other Monday until all our new editors are introduced. First is our Asst. Poetry and Copy Editor, Amber Curl.

Amber is a senior at Lewis University majoring in Business Administration, with a minor in English Literature and Language. She works at Harrah’s Casino in Human Resources. She is a proud dog-mom of a crazy, Siberian Husky named Maya. In her free time, Amber enjoys reading and binge-watching TV shows on Netflix. Her current binge obsession is Law and Order: SVU. Amber also enjoys attending concerts and music festivals. Some of her favorite writers include J.K. Rowling, John Green, and Emily Dickinson.

Below is our Q&A with Amber Curl:

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Meet the Editors: Justin Fortes

Justin Fortes

Surprise! Welcome to an additional Meet the Editors post for this semester, where we are introducing our new Foreign Horror Film Blogger, Justin Fortes.

Justin is a senior majoring in physics at Lewis University, with a minor in mathematics. He is a Resident Assistant at St. Charles Borromeo, as well as co-director for the a capella group, Harmonic Uprising. Back home, he works part-time as a pharmacy technician at Jewel-Osco. In his leisure time, Fortes enjoys sitting around the table with friends fighting against ogres and saving fair maidens in the fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons. Fortes also enjoys listening to a variety of media (political podcasts, metal radio, and DIY home improvement videos just to name a few).

His selection of literature varies and is consistently expanding. He has read a handful of books from his favorite physicists, authors, and playwrights including Stephen Hawkings’ A Brief History of Time, Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, and Michael Crichton’s The Andromeda Strain. Fortes is always searching for the next big scare in the international horror scene. He hopes to one day travel the world to experience what it has to offer, as well as gain better insight into the fear each culture faces and to better understand what it is that inspires each unique style of horror film.

Below is our Q&A with Justin Fortes:

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Meet the Editors: Eryn Stochelski

Eryn Stochelski

In our final Meet the Editors post this semester, we are happy to have yet another Fiction & Nonfiction Editor to introduce you to, so please welcome Eryn Stochelski.

Eryn is currently a junior majoring in English and minoring in creative and professional writing. Her conflicting loves of English and medicine confuse her on a daily basis, but she is so far handling it by reading novels during her breaks at her healthcare job. She enjoys writing, reading, swimming, blogging, and obsessing over people in white coats. Some of her favorite genres are fantasy, thriller, young adult, classics, and re-tellings. If she’s not busy trying to figure out which path to pursue, you can find her reading at a café, studying herbalism and medicine, or jogging at night.

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Meet the Editors: Samantha Moffett

Sam Moffett

For our second post in this series for the new semester, we have Samantha Moffett, an Assistant Fiction & Nonfiction Editor, as well as an Assistant Art & Design Editor.

Sam is a junior at Lewis University and is majoring in English and secondary education. Before coming to Lewis, she attended the College of DuPage for two years and graduated with an Associate’s Degree in general studies. In conjunction with her school work, Samantha works as a tutor at the Writing Center at Lewis. She enjoys reading, writing, drawing, watching horror movies, and riding her bike. When she isn’t buying a mountain of selections from her local Half Price Books, she can usually be found playing with her cat, drinking coffee, or reorganizing her book collection. Some of her favorite authors are Stephen King, Vladimir Nabokov, and Jack Kerouac. Her top three favorite books — at the current moment — are Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, IT by Stephen King, and Coronado by Dennis Lehane.

Below is our Q&A with Sam Moffett:

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Meet the Editors: Stephanie Karas

Stephanie Karas

It’s the beginning of a new semester, which means we have a handful of new editors here over at Jet Fuel Review. We’ve decided to switch the schedule around and place the Meet the Editors posts on Mondays, which will occur over the course of the next few weeks until we’ve introduced you to each of our new editors. First up is Assistant Fiction & Nonfiction Editor, Stephanie Karas.

Stephanie is a psychology and creative writing major. She enjoys writing, performing poetry, and reading. Her favorite genre to read is teen fiction and fantasy. Stephanie also loves the Harry Potter series, and her favorite author is Ellen Hopkins. After graduation, she hopes to become a therapist and a successful author.

Below is our Q&A with Stephanie Karas:

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Meet the Editors: Christian Mietus

Christian Mietus

Welcome to our final “Meet the Editors” post for this semester, and happy Friday the 13th! This week’s highlighted editor is Christian Mietus, who is a new film blogger for us.

Christian is a freshman at Lewis University who is currently an undecided major, but he is leaning toward English and film. His main priority is to develop himself as an individual and film connoisseur. He spends his time appreciating and dissecting cinema. Some of his favorite directors are Andrei Tarkovsky, John Cassavettes, Ingmar Bergman, Kenji Mitzoguchi, Bela Tar, Carl Th. Dreyer, Wim Wenders, Andrzej Wajda, and Yasujiro Ozu. He also appreciates different art forms, such as music and literature. Christian hopes to expand his skills as a writer and to encourage others to do so as well. He writes about film for the JFR blog, so check out Christian’s Cinematic Syntax.

Below is our Q&A with Christian:

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