Editor’s Notes #149

Hi, blog readers! It’s time for another round-up of posts we featured in the last two weeks. But first, a quick reminder about the Jet Fuel Review‘s reading period. If you’re interested in submitting your work for the next issue, you can visit the Jet Fuel Review‘s website. The submission period closes on October 15th, so submit your work now if you’re interested! Of course, you can also read the last issue of the Review right now.

Now, onto the posts! In the advice realm, we began with several words on the topic of writing what you love. Everyone says to write what you know, but writing something that you’re passionate about is also important. We also talked about breaking up your story into scenes that will help you explain your characters in the best way possible.

In terms of discussion posts, we covered ways to discover what you love writing about. It’s important to know where your passion lies before you get into a passion project. We also talked about some Very Specific Book Nooks in the latest installment of Awesome Literary Things.

Of course, we also featured some poems here on the blog. In the past few weeks, we featured How It Is, by Alice Friman, and Hart Crane in LA, 1927, by Peter Balakian. We’ve also had two new Meet the Editors posts on the blog recently. We profiled Sarah Ford, the Copy Editor and Assistant Fiction Editor for the Jet Fuel Review, as well as Lucas Boelter, a Poetry Editor at the Jet Fuel Review.

And finally, we have some brand new posts being contributed to the blog by some of our editors. Dominique Dusek, Submissions Manager and Assistant Marketing & Development Editor at the Review, began a weekly spot dedicated to Shakespeare. Jessica Jordan, Fiction Editor at the Review, wrote her first installment of a weekly spot featuring literary heroines. This week: Hermione Granger! Be sure to check out both of these new weekly posts.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the blog these past few weeks. Stay tuned for more of your favorites and some new posts as well!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan

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