Touring the Table with Zach: Internal Affairs- Board Game Review

In Internal Affairs (2015), players are caught in a war between the triad and the police force. Playing as an undercover agent, they will attempt to reveal the identities of the other players while protecting their own. All the players in the game keep their identity a secret, but through the ebb and flow of the game, a player’s allegiance to either the police force or the triad may change whether they want secrecy or notoriety.

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Internal Affairs is a social deduction and elimination game. The game begins with each player randomly drawing three code cards and three ID cards. Each code card will have a number from one to fifteen and each ID card will indicate whether the player is a police mole or a triad mole. The player will place the code cards upside down in front of them in ascending order. Directly under those three cards they will assign their three ID cards. The player knows which team they are on by whichever type of mole is the majority in their ID cards. For example, if out of their three ID cards two of them indicate that they are a triad mole and they are currently playing for the triad to win the game. Through action cards though, these ID cards can sometimes be given to other players, which means player’s loyalty may change from police to triad or vice versa.

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Meet the Editors: Zachary Klozik

Zachary Klozik

It’s time to introduce another new editor through our Meet the Editors series, an editor who has been making a presence through Open Mic Nights at Lockport’s Port Noir. This week we are introducing Zachary Klozik, our Asst. Poetry Editor and Asst. Fiction Editor.

 Zachary is a junior at Lewis University, majoring in English Creative and Professional Writing. On campus, he also works as a tutor for the Writing Center. Zachary especially enjoys reading and writing poetry. His favorite author is Jhonen Vasquez and that is why one of his favorite television shows is Invader Zim. He also loves Vasquez’s graphic novel Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. Zachary likes to spend a lot of his free time listening to music and watching movies. His favorite genre is science fiction which is why some of his favorite movies are Donnie Darko and A Scanner Darkly.

Below is our Q&A with Zachary Klozik:

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