Jake and Michael’s Top 10 Albums of 2015

Album CollageIn case you didn’t see the post from yesterday, we here at the Jet Fuel Review Blog are celebrating the end of the year with a handful of end-of-the-year lists. Yesterday, we posted the Jet Fuel Jukebox’s Top 50 Songs of 2015, and today we follow suit of every other publication under the sun (Like this one, this one, and this one, to cite a few) and present to you mine and Jake’s top 10 albums of 2015!

Michael: Creating this list was incredibly tough for me, as I was forced to cut many records off my list that I actually really love. I’ve been going through my backlog of records that I’ve needed to listen to and actually stumbled upon a couple of latecomers that have fallen pretty high on my list. The list you see below could be different by the end of the week, when I stumble upon some record that I somehow missed. But for right now, this is my final top ten albums of 2015 and I’m sticking to it!

Jake: This year has been an interesting one for me musically. Being an avid pop fan, 2015 gave me some of the best records in the genre in years. Many albums that made my list truly surprised me, but kept me coming back for more. While I left many behind that just barely missed the cutoff, the following albums truly represented my mood and emotions throughout the year.

Jake and I will present our respective top ten lists in order starting with number ten and moving down to number one, beginning with Jake’s number ten, then my number ten, then Jake’s number nine, and so on and so forth.

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