Terribly Terrific: A Review of “The Witch”


We are only two months into 2016, and while we have another ten to go, I am ready to say that we’ve already been presented with what will likely be the best horror film of the year. After making headlines around this same time last year when it premiered at Sundance, Robert Eggers’ The Witch has finally been made available for mass consumption, and it’s as good as you hoped it was.

Set in 1630 New England, the movie follows religious family man William (Ralph Ineson) and his family of six, who leave the populated New England area to live elsewhere due to a religious dispute within the township. William and his family stake their land miles away from the rest of civilization, dropping to their knees and praising their God upon arrival.

Thomasin (Anya Taylor-Joy) is our main character. She is a teenager, the eldest of the kids in the family. Months have passed since their move and things are looking up for the family, but that’s about to come to an end. One day, as Thomasin is looking after her recently born baby brother, Samuel, she plays peek-a-boo with the baby. She closes her eyes one too many times, and the child disappears in the blink of an eye.

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