The Princess Trials

the selection

Hello readers, and welcome back to Sabrina’s Book Corner!

I spent the summer reading any book I could get my greedy little hands on in order to tell you all about them. We are going to start off with one of my favorites, The Selection by Kiera Cass.

The heroine of The Selection, America, does not want to be a princess. The Selection is a competition to win the Prince’s love and become the new princess. To America, this sounds like a waste of time, and this isn’t the life she wants to lead. Besides, America already has her life figured out. She is going to save up money to marry her secret boyfriend, who is in a caste below her, and take care of her family.

Nowhere in her plans did America want to become a princess, but when her secret boyfriend breaks up with her, and her mother pushes her to apply, America finds herself not only applying for the Selection but winning a place. Now she is one of thirty-five girls who have a chance to compete to win Prince Maxon’s heart and become the next princess.

There’s only one problem — America still doesn’t want to be a princess. All America wants is for her heartbreak to end and to go home. That is, until she actually meets Prince Maxon. Maxon isn’t at all who she thought he would be; Maxon listens and is understanding. America could use someone like that in her life.

Hastily thrown into the world of ballgowns and royalty, America finds herself very confused. Could she be falling in love with a prince she swore she wasn’t even going to like? Could she become the next princess? Is that even something she wants? Thirty-five girls are competing for one man’s heart. Who will be the one to win Maxon’s heart? That is something not even he knows. 

Writer Kiera Cass brings us on a wild ride with The Selection. May the best girl win!

That’s all for this week, happy reading!

—Sabrina Parr, Poetry Editor