Festen and Dogme 95

Photo from http://ecx.images-amazon.com/
Photo from http://ecx.images-amazon.com/

Okay, so normally I would write about whatever Wes Anderson film my sister and I watched over the weekend (this time it was Bottle Rocket). But last Wednesday, in my Film Studies class, we watched a film that, upon completing the assigned analysis, kind of blew my mind. Here’s that.

I had never heard of Festen before last Wednesday, or of the style in which it was filmed, Dogme 95. Which was great, because my understanding of school is that it is meant to teach you things. So I sat and I learned and I sat and I watched. And I was bored. And I was tired. But I needed time.

This happens fairly often with the films we watch in Film Studies. I get excited to watch something new, something I will learn from, and I leave class thinking, “That was super boring,” or “that took forever.” But later, when I’m thinking through my Blackboard response for the week’s film, something clicks, and “that was super boring” becomes “SWEET. JESUS.”

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