Poem from Slate: T.R. Hummer

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This week’s poem from Slate is actually three poems! The poems are titled Imperial, Pandrol Jackson, and Bloodflower Sermon. It’s an exciting bonus and all three of them are written by T.R. Hummer. In addition, all three of these poems are offered on the Slates art page in audio form. T.R. Hummer reads these three pieces on the poetry page and I want to encourage you to listen to them. It’s a rare thing to hear a poet read his or her work, so take advantage!

T.R. Hummer, according to his page on the Poetry Foundation, is a poet, critic, and editor. His collections include Lower-Class Heresy (1987), The Eighteen-Thousand-Ton Olympic Dream (1990),Walt Whitman in Hell (1996), The Infinity Sessions (2005), and Ephemeron (2011). His books of criticism include titles such as The Muse in the Machine: Essays on Poetry and the Anatomy of the Body Politic (2006) and Available Surfaces (2012). He has received the National Endowment for the Arts and two Pushcart Prizes. He has taught at various institutions, including Kenyon College, Middlebury College, Virginia Commonwealth University, the University of Georgia-Athens, and Arizona State University, where he is Director of the creative writing program.

Without further ado, here are T.R. Hummer’s poems. Be sure to click through for the additional poems.

Imperialby T.R. Hummer

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