Steven’s Science in Cinema: “Introducing the Blog”

In your head, try to construct the most epic space battle possible. Take some time to let this battle play out. In this battle, you probably included some amazing starships with roaring engines and huge explosions. Perhaps you have one ship shooting another down which is engulfed in flames, or a ship with a wailing engine plummeting into another ship resulting in an ear-shattering collision. Sadly, there is one major issue with this scene, and that issue is that this scene is overwhelmingly scientifically inaccurate by all understandings of science in space. These inaccuracies have been perpetuated through films that you may have watched in your life. There are no scientific grounds to allow either sound in space, explosions, fire in space, or even something plummeting without the command to do so. However, the inaccurate depiction of concepts has been normalized and can sometimes go completely unnoticed by the general audience. These inaccuracies are not confined to the Sci-Fi genre.

Science In Cinema

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