Mark’s Awesome Word of the Week

Awesome Words


As smoke and flames billow from the engines, pieces of metal peel away and flake off into the air stream, the plane shakes violently, alarms blare, teenagers scream, and flight attends bellow, “Assume the crash position!”, with the ground racing upwards and warning sirens screeching, wouldn’t it be nice to know that the pilot on the flight deck has sangfroid?

More importantly, as James Bond careens around the corners of narrow mountain roads with no guard rails in his exorbitant sports car, with hordes of villainous villains armed with semiautomatic weapons in hot pursuit, wouldn’t you say that it’s crucial for Agent 007 to demonstrate sangfroid when—in addition to everything else—a deer steps out in front of him?

You would if you knew that sangfroid—pronounced (because it’s a French word, really) “sahn-FRWA” (with the R close to, but not quite, silent)—means keeping one’s cool in stressful or dangerous situations.

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