Jet Fuel Jukebox: Late Night Edition

We’ve got just a little over an hour before it’s no longer Tuesday, so let’s get this Jukebox out into the world!

This week’s Jukebox is similar to last week’s, but the roles are reversed. Jake’s half is the throwback, with 10 tracks that all came out in 2007, while my picks revolve around a number of brand new tracks from some of my favorite artists.

If you listen this week, you’ll find new songs from Phoenix, Gorillaz, and Foster The People, as well as Top-40 hits from a decade ago, featuring Rihanna, Akon, and T-Pain.

I also want to give a shout out to the new HAIM track, that’s only on Youtube as of now. Listen to their new track, “Right Now.”

— Michael Lane, Blog Editor

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Jet Fuel Jukebox: Summer 2016 Edition

Jukebox_picRemember in the last Jet Fuel Jukebox update, when I wrote, “we’re back to updating our regularly scheduled Jet Fuel Jukebox!” Yeah, that was two months ago, and the feature has been dormant ever since. So here I am to apologize on behalf of both Jake and myself for our lacking output on the playlist.


I swear we are back in business. And for good this time! As a bonus, we have an especially wonderful playlist this week.

Fall is nearly upon us. So, for this update, I asked Jake to choose the 10 songs that made summer ’16 for him, and I did the same.

So, without further ado, here’s our collective 20 Songs of the Summer for 2016!

— Michael Lane, Blog Editor

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Colors of Noise: Rihanna’s “ANTI”

“I got to do things my own way darling,” Rihanna sings on “Consideration,” the opening track to her highly anticipated eighth studio album, ANTI. Actually, to say the album was anticipated is understating just how exhausting the wait for the record really was. Plagued by constant setbacks and multiple shifts in sound, fans were left wondering if this album even existed, and if it would be worth the almost four-year wait.

Well, rejoice! The album does, in fact, exist, and has finally been released. ANTI is meant to be a turning point for Rihanna, pushing the star in a new artistic direction. Though whether said direction is the right one for her is what I’ll be talking about here.

Rihanna first began the album campaign over a year ago by releasing the Kanye West and Paul McCartney assisted track “FourFiveSeconds,” a folk number which proved to be a complete 180-degree career shift in terms of image and sound. After the single performed worse than expected, she followed-up with the controversially good “Bitch Better Have My Money,” a triumphant and aggressive statement that reminded the listener it was she who “called the shots.” She then released “American Oxygen,” a song that was practically dead on arrival. After the song’s release in March, Rihanna took a break. A long, nine month break.

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Jet Fuel Jukebox for 2/9/16

Jukebox_picIs everyone liking the new look of the blog? I sure hope so. Either way, the train never stops on our weekly playlist!

This week, the highlight on the Jukebox is “Kiss It Better” by Rihanna, as Jake will have a review of her new album ANTI tomorrow.

Joining the ranks of Rihanna to fill out the 20-song playlist are tracks from The Killers, Hall and Oates, and Foxes.

— Michael Lane, Blog Editor

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