Mark’s Awesome Word of the Week

Awesome Wordspithy

At the end of the spectrum opposite of people who stammer or beat around the proverbial bush, there are those who are pithy (PITH-ee). To be pithy is to be several things—namely, brief, to-the-point, and potent. One who is pithy says what needs to be said in a concise, efficacious, and strong manner.

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Mark Jacobs. Mark is a volunteer assistant editor for Jet Fuel Review. He is double-majoring in Physics and Air Traffic Control Management at Lewis, but the left side of his brain is an avid writer. Mark is a junior and works as a ramp traffic controller at O’Hare and at Panera Bread, from which he does not steal dozens of bagels every day. He is also a tutor in Lewis’ Writing Center.