Mark’s Awesome Word of the Week

Awesome Words


Suppose that you’re telling a story.  It is a grand story, too.  Full of lust and adventure, with ominous threats and feats of astounding courage and cunning, this is an episode none should miss, which you’ll be happy to share anew with many different groups and passersby.

And then suppose that, right as you approach the climactic moment of your story—when you should happen to say, “we couldn’t believe how much data we got”—a member of your audience interrupts by pointing out, “data is quantifiable, actually, so you would say ‘how many data’, not ‘how much data’.”

That, of course, quite thoroughly takes the wind of your story’s sails.  And you might wonder what sort of accusatory word you could apply to this person to indicate that—while they might be right about the point of fact—their decision to interject it in the middle of your story was decidedly inappropriate.

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