Mike’s Horror Blog: No Strings


Ramsey Campbell’s “No Strings” is a taut little horror story about Phil Linford, a radio show host. One night after his show, he finds a violinist sitting outside the station, playing a perfect imitation of a radio song. Hoping to give the violinist an audition, Linford races after him, only to be distracted by a cry for help from a derelict building. What he discovers inside will change his life forever.

While not an extraordinarily complex story, “No Strings” seems to be a cautionary tale of how altruism can be a double-edged sword: while Linford’s motives are noble, his desire to help ultimately leads to his undoing. I like how the story paints Linford as an average person trying to help others, but is unsatisfied with his status as a late-night radio host, as it leaves no room to talk about things that really matter. Instead, he’s met with apathy and even hostility when discussing things like homelessness. I think that sort of thing is par for the course nowadays, so Linford is easy to empathize with.

It’s a quick read, so feel free to check this one out.

— Mike Malan, Blogger

Editor’s Note:  Mike Malan recently graduated from Lewis University with a degree in English with a sub-speciality in Creative Writing.  Mike especially enjoys writing gothic, Poe and all things that chill your bones. He is a dark writer but you can find him dabbling in politics. He is also interested in the editing process and hopes that you will enjoy his work.