Meet the Editors: Paulina Zougras

Paulina Zougras

Welcome to our final “Meet the Editors” post for this semester! Surprisingly, JFR only got only a few new editors, which means there are not many to introduce through the “Meet the Editors” series. This week’s highlighted editor is Paulina, who is taking the role of Art and Design Editor and Layout Editor.

Paulina is a junior at Lewis University where she is majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Marketing. She graduated from Moraine Valley Community College with an Associates in Art. Some inspirational graphic designers she follows are Mike Perry, Shepard Fairey, as well as Aaron Draplin. She loves action movies and drinking lots of coffee. If she’s not studying or working her two jobs, she likes to watch design or makeup tutorials in her free time.

Below is our Q&A with Paulina: 
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Meet the Editors: Angela Ciarlette

Angela Ciarlette

Hello readers! We have geared into the new semester and are ready to bring back the Meet the Editors series for your enjoyment. Surprisingly, Jet Fuel Review has not received as many new editors as last semester, but it is still important to give a voice to the ones that have been recruited. It’s time to introduce the first new editor of this semester, an editor who is by no means a stranger to the literary. This week we are introducing Angela Ciarlette, Copy Editor; Fiction Editor.

Angela is a junior at Lewis University, and she is majoring in English with a concentration in writing.  She aspires to be a legal immigration document proofreader in the hopes of making the process of becoming a legal citizen quicker.  Exercising, reading, spending time outside, and spending time with her boyfriend are some of her favorite pastimes.  As far as her favorite authors and bands go, she does not favor any in particular; she simply reads what looks interesting and listens to what is appealing to her.

Below is our Q&A with Angela Ciarlette:

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