Mark’s Awesome Word of the Week

Awesome Words

Many have noted that there exist, in society and civilizations throughout the world, certain unwritten rules and standards that are peculiarly more significant and more pervasive than others.  Some of these rules don’t even make much sense, but are steadfast nonetheless.

In America, marijuana is, rather by default, considered more sinister than alcohol, even though science has thoroughly proven that alcohol is more destructive and addictive.  While plenty of people quietly (and only quietly, you’ll note) admit to smoking marijuana, it’s something that would instantly disqualify a presidential candidate or take the wind out of any serious business meeting.  The same presidential candidate, however, might be seen as manly if consuming a cold beer on a hot summer’s day while doing whatever men do—chopping wood, say.  Likewise, that formal business meeting is may be accompanied by fine liquor.  Nevertheless, our society holds invariably that marijuana is just, somehow, worse—or, more accurately, less acceptable.

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