Mark’s Awesome Word of the Week

Awesome Words


It is raining very lightly, outside (where it usually rains).  Come to think of it, it may not be raining at all—it’s just a bit wet, still, from the rain that’s been falling all morning.

Inside, a patron at a shop looks out the window and sees a car pull up with its windshield wipers flapping at nearly full speed.
“That person’s going to ruin their wiper blades,” says the patron, deeply concerned (evidently) with the well-being of this stranger’s automobile.
“How?” says the patron’s companion.
“Well, look at them,” he/she/it replies.  “They’ve got them on full speed, but there’s practically no water on the windshield at all.  They’re just rubbing away on the glass.”
“So?!  So that’s how you ruin your wiper blades!”
“What?  Nonsense.  I don’t think having your wiper blades just going up and down hurts them.”
“Of course it does.  They’re grinding on the glass.”
“They’re not ‘grinding’ on anything,” the patron’s companion replies, dismissively.
“They’re not meant to be used on dry glass,” says the patron.  “That’s bad for them.”
At that moment, it began to rain ferociously.
“It’s a moot point,” says his/her/its companion.   “They’re their wiper blades, not ours.”
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