Haley’s Poetic Playlist: “Modern Jesus”


Hey, everyone! We’re back this week with another cool song. I chose a piece from the group Portugal. The Man. They not only have a unique, badass sound, but also present a unique perspective on the inconsistencies and hypocrisy of society — it’s total college student vibes.

I have classified their songs as “hooligan music,” because you can’t help but wish you were doing something illegal while listening (I’m not saying I have, but the music makes me feel cooler than I actually am). If you want to feel young and rebellious, listen to Portugal. The song I’ve chosen was one of the first I ever heard by them. It’s called “Modern Jesus,” and it’s from their 2013 album, Evil Friends.

Disclaimer: The Jet Fuel Review does not have any official stance on religion or faith, and this by no means reflects the organization’s views. Once again, I am simply analyzing a piece of art from my perspective. While this song appears very anti-religion, especially anti-Christian, we must remember that artists are free to their opinions and views just as we are. Personally, for the record, I am religious, but that doesn’t mean I cannot laugh at religion or recognize the various inconsistencies that humans create while following their faith — which is exactly what this song is talking about.

So, religious or not, I hope you can enjoy this week’s song!

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