Putting Tracks on the Map with Trish: Mac Ayres

Mac Ayres, a 21-year-old New York native, is an upcoming R&B artist that has shaped his music from legends Stevie Wonder, D’Angelo, and J Dilla. His contemporary take on the elements seen in his inspirations’ work is reflected in his EP, Drive Slow, and album, Something to Feel.

Interestingly enough, Ayres originally wanted to create music similar to John Mayer upon entering Berklee College of Music. After being exposed to multiple genres of music, Ayres strayed away from his original desire to produce Blues-Rock music and gravitated towards soul and R&B. Because of this shift, Ayres dropped out of Berklee to discover his own musical identity.

Ayres first gained recognition on his debut single “Easy,” with the help of Joe Jonas providing a platform for the song on his social media. “Easy” garnered the attention of Fête Records, and with this label, Ayres was able to produce the nine track EP, Drive Slow. The recurring car themes of Drive Slow is a “metaphor for life” according to Ayres. This collection is based on Ayres’ thoughts about how “too many people are rushing through life, and it’s important to remember to appreciate where you’re at in any stage of it.”

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