​​In Memoriam: JFR Editor Lucas Boelter (Sept 23, 1990-Sept 24, 2015)

Dear readers, Jet Fuel Review has established a memorial page for our editor Lucas Boelter with some of his poetry, which deserves to be read. There are also tribute comments about Lucas from students, faculty, and others. If you have anything you’d like to say about Lucas, please send it to our blog editor, Michael Lane, and we will post it on this page as we are able. You can also read an interview with Lucas here



Imagine I have a hook
and your body splayed above me,
hooked, and it is as if each cut
breathes, like a mouth, into my

We are kissing, darling,
how I have prayed for this.



Lucas Boelter’s intellect, imagination, and conscientiousness allowed him to be a striking writer and excellent editor. The qualities of his poetry, which you will see below, embrace the marvelous, contain an affinity for oddities, and involve dreaming and liminal states as they drift between levels of perception, invoking magical and dazzling tableaux with their lyrical complexities. They revel in the imagination, creating strange landscapes, refreshing tonal changes, and complicated sonic terrains as evidenced in his poem “Waterfall,” in which he creates sonic pulses, echoing the rhythms of falling water by building on the “w” and “l” sounds:IMG_2165

. . . It will be my
waterfall and we will have children who
will rest on my shoulders. I will be a
waterfall god of sorts. The children will
be called Cougar and Matthew and in the
parks we will stroll.

Although Lucas’s poems are quirky and whimsical, and often conversational, they are counterbalanced with gravitas as they investigate and pose questions about the nature of “being,” as in the closing lines of his sonnet with the loaded title “Rest Room”:

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Meet the Editors: Lucas Boelter

Lucas Boelter

Hello, readers! Ready to get to know another editor? This week we’d like to introduce Lucas Boelter, our Poetry Editor. Lucas Boelter is a former Lewis Student who is intensely curious about life and the world.  Among his numerous hobbies are reading literature, history, and philosophy; drawing; writing poetry; communing with nature on long, 10,000-step walks; being provocative; and admiring visual art, especially painting and sculpture. He lives a Paleolithic lifestyle and sees diet & nutrient therapy as the future of medicine.  He is repulsed by capitalism and begs the universe for its immediate collapse daily. Keep on reading to find out more about Lucas.

Who are you and what is your role in the Jet Fuel Review?

 My name is Lucas Boelter and I am Poetry Editor.

What book might we find on your nightstand right now?

Black Lamb and Grey Falcon by Rebecca West.

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