Poem from Slate: “Creation Myth”

Image source: http://thisgurllovesjune.blogspot.com

This week’s featured poem from Slate is entitled Creation Myth and is written by Josh Kalscheur. As always, I’d like to encourage you to click the poem title and listen to Josh Kalscheur read his work aloud. Maybe you’re at home with lots of snow piled outside, or perhaps you’re stuck at work with lots of snow piled up outside. Either way, a little poetry always brightens your day. So check it out!

According to his page at Blackbird, Josh Kalscheur has had his work published in various outlets, such as Boston ReviewNinth Letter,WitnessAlaska Quarterly Review, and The Cincinnati Review. He teaches English at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. According to his bio at the Sycamore Review, he also served as the Poetry Editor for Devil’s Lake, a journal of poetry and prose.

Creation Myth, by Josh Kalscheur

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