What Are You Watching?: The Last Five Years

The Last Five Years

With Valentine’s Day comes many things: the excessive amounts of reds and pinks flooding the aisles of Target, flowers skyrocketing in price and demand, and the impossible excursion that takes place trying to find movie tickets available for that day. This year’s big V-Day release was arguably “Fifty Shades of Grey,” which happened to “eclipse” the release of Anna Kendrick’s latest film, “The Last Five Years” (It was a pun. Anna Kendrick was in “Twilight.” Get it? Moving on…)

“The Last Five Years” is an off-Broadway musical that made it to the big screen with Tony Award Nominees Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan (from “Smash” on NBC). This show tells the story of Cathy (Kendrick) and Jamie’s (Jordan) relationship through the last five years from their first date to the wedding and ultimate divorce. Whoa! Way to spoil the ending! I assure you, I didn’t.

This movie opens on Cathy reading a letter from Jamie saying he’s left her. The story then digresses through the relationship to when they first met through Cathy’s perspective. At the same time, it progresses from the beginning to the end of their relationship in Jamie’s perspective. Confused? It sounds more confusing than it actually is, I assure you.

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