Four Minutes Too Late

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

Hello readers, and welcome back. This week we will be talking about The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith.

Hadley Sullivan is on her way to her estranged father’s wedding. He’ll be marrying a women Hadley has never met. Hadley is heading to England for the wedding and plans to spend twenty-four hours there–get in and get out as quickly as possible. Then disaster strikes. She misses her flight by a mere four minutes.

The next flight isn’t for a couple of hours, which means Hadley will barely have enough time to make it to the wedding. She’s set to be a bridesmaid in the wedding…if she can make it there at all. The only good thing about this mess is that Hadley meets a boy named Oliver in the airport, who just so happens to be taking the same flight as her. And they are sitting next to each other.

They spend the night getting to know each other, talking and making jokes. Oliver makes Hadley forget about her claustrophobia and she thinks she might be falling for this boy she just met, but even the longest flight has to end. At the airport, Hadley and Oliver lose each other in the crowd. Hadley has to get to her father’s wedding so she heads out.

Will Hadley ever see Oliver again? Will she make it to her father’s wedding on time? Can she bridge the distance between her and her father? Is there such a thing as love at first sight? Jennifer Smith crafts a fast-paced story that leaves you wishing you could find your Oliver sitting next to you on an airplane.

That’s all for this week! Check in next week for another book review, and happy reading!

— Sabrina Parr, Poetry Editor