Ashna’s Celluloid Scenes: Women in Pop Culture- Introduction

Unless you died before consumable media or you live under a rock, pop culture is a phenomenon that everyone, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, encounters on a day to day basis. I can guarantee with confidence that at least 99.9% of every person on this earth knows something about pop culture. Pop culture is what molds our personalities and makes us the way we are. It is what we talk about to our friends, family, and strangers, and it is what many people around the world dedicate their entire lives to. Starting at a very young age, we take preferences for particular media. It could be books, film, television, music, fashion, or art, but we all begin our journey in life by liking something. It is with time that our interests grow and define us. In other words, the impact that pop culture has on us helps make us who we are. In this blog, I want to talk about women in films and TV shows that have had the most significant impact on pop culture. The reason I want to focus on women’s roles in media is that I want to advocate for equality and allow others to recognize how significant some characters are to our culture today. 

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Patiño’s Lores and Myths in Film: The Introduction

Do you like scary stories? The tales that send a wriggling, crawling feeling beneath your skin. The kind that has you skirt the edge of a forest, look under your bed, check the closet and cower beneath the sheets. As strange as it may seem for a species that comes into this world afraid, human beings love to scare each other. And campfire stories tend to be a particular time-honored tradition. What more could you ask for? A dark, chilly night, friends huddled together, the sound of rustling tree branches, chirping crickets and a crackling fire to set the mood. It’s perfect! Those are the types of stories I want to explore.

Image by Pexels by Pixbay

With this blog, I want to look at a specific horror subgenre: folklore. Now, I won’t pretend to be any kind of folklore expert; however, it struck me as the most fascinating in deciding on this blog’s focus. I want to use this space as an opportunity to learn along with you, dear reader. We’ll take this stroll into the shadowy never-ever together! 

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