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Very Specific Book Nooks

I believe I have posted several times about book nooks on this blog. That’s only because I want a book nook of my own so desperately. Despite the fact that I now have my own living space, I still do not have a book nook to call my own. But perhaps one day! And perhaps I will want the book nook to represent a certain type of reading or a certain type of book. The book nooks in a recent post on the website Houzz listed 15 book nooks and what they want you to read.

I love the idea of pairing book nooks with certain types of reading material. For instance, the list shows a grand, Southern-style sort of reading nook and offers up Gone With the Wind as a reading suggestion. There is a calming, light and airy space that might inspire you to journal your feelings. My favorite (pictured above) is a cozy area with comfy couches that Houzz suggests pairing with some Jane Austen.

There are even more awesome reading nook-reading material pairings on this list. Check out the post on Houzz and see which type of reading nook is your favorite. Then think about a reading nook of your own. If you were given the chance to design your own reading area, what would you want it to convey? Would it call to mind cozy reads or hard-boiled mysteries? Would it make you think of classics or romance novels?

Leave a description of your ideal reading nook in the comments, and happy reading!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan