F*** Off, Nazi Punks: A Review of “Green Room”


Writer-director Jeremy Saulnier, whose previous two films I recently reviewed, has quickly become one of my favorite directors working today. I found his first film, Murder Partyto be a fun little horror-comedy piece that’s worth the watch, although maybe not the most memorable film I’ve seen recently. His follow-up, Blue Ruin, saw Saulnier making a foray into the revenge genre, and it’s a film I’ve gone as far as to declare a “modern American masterpiece.” Saulnier continues his hot streak by returning to the horror genre, but this time with the brutal, fast-paced, punk rock horror-thriller Green Room.

Green Room is a film that will leave you feeling dirty, exhausted, and ultimately satisfied. It’s a grimy film filled with vile characters, and it feels most comfortable when displaying scenes of maiming and mutilation. It’s also an absolute blast to sit through as you excitedly watch a hardcore punk band attempt to barely scrape by with their lives as they fight dozens of murderous neo-Nazis.

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Infinite Canvas Podcast: A New Era

This is a very special episode of the Infinite Canvas podcast, as Dan and Mike venture into a brand new era for the show. Instead of simply talking about comics and the industry surrounding them, your hosts have decided to change the show into an all-encompassing format that includes all forms of media. This could be comics, movies, music, video games, you name it.

For the inaugural episode of this newly reformed podcast, Dan and Mike talk about news regarding new Radiohead and Red Hot Chili Peppers songs, and move onto reviewing two new horror films, The Invitation and Green Room. Spoilers for both films begin 38 minutes in.

— Michael Lane, Blog Editor