What Are You Watching?: “Grace and Frankie”


Grace and Frankie (2015, Netflix)

Ever wonder what would happen when your husband and his best friend came out as gay lovers? Ever wonder what it would be like when you’re seventy? Yeah…me neither. Yet, somehow this exact story unfolds within the first season of Grace and Frankie and manages to be captivating.

After my heavy summer filled with Hannibal and Scream, I needed some laughs. Netflix sent me a recommendation for their new series starring Jane Fonda as Grace and Lily Tomlin as Frankie. Grace is more of a Martha Stewart/socialite who focuses on extravagant things, whereas Frankie is more of a hippie who believes in the healing power of yoga and recreational drugs.

The new series follows these women in their later years as they become unlikely friends and roommates after discovering that their husbands, who are partners at a law firm, are partners in a whole different sense of the word.

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