“Whip It” and Director Cameo

Photo from frontrowreviews.co.uk

Last Friday, my sister and I took a break from our backwards run-through of Wes Anderson’s filmography to watch a film about roller derby. Because Ellen Page.

That film was Whip It, and it’s really more than a movie about roller derby. It’s also about being a teenager and feeling trapped in your hometown and feeling burdened by parental expectations and finding something you love and a place to belong. It’s really a fun movie. But none of that is the subject of this post. No, what interested me most about Whip It is that it was directed by Drew Barrymore, who also plays a role in the film.

This got me thinking about directors who also act (or actors who also direct, whichever you prefer). There’s a history of this happening way back through the timeline of filmmaking, and it doesn’t just stop at one person taking on two professional roles, there are also directors who make fun little cameos in their movies. That’s actually one of my earliest memories about film.

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