Infinite Canvas Podcast 2/24/16

the flightHey, everyone!  Blog editor Michael Lane here. Today is an exciting day for the blog, at least in my eyes. Fellow blogger Dan Fiorio and I are both big fans of comics, and we’ve been kicking around the idea of doing a podcast about comics for a long time.

Well, we finally got together and recorded one! So, here’s the inaugural episode of our comic book podcast, Infinite Canvas!

Today’s topics include Deadpool, Dark Knight 3, Saga, and a feature on the three comics that have had the biggest impact on how we perceive the medium.

This Pool Is Pretty Shallow: A Review of “Deadpool”

I want to preface this review by saying that Deadpool is a film I wasn’t looking forward to. I’m not a big fan of Ryan Reynolds, the titular character, or his source material, and the bombardment of trailers leading up to the film’s release didn’t help pique my interest in the slightest. All that being said, Deadpool is a film that deserved to be made. It’s a film so rooted in its source material, so true to the character, and it has the appropriate R-rating.

I deeply respect Ryan Reynolds’ passion for the character and his insistence on making a film about Deadpool that actually captures the essence of the beloved character, and this film is successful in doing just that. In that respect, the film is top-notch, and is likely to please tons of fans old and new alike.

As you can tell, I went into Deadpool with low expectations, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have high hopes that it would prove me wrong. Especially after all of the positive buzz it was getting from critics and general audiences alike, I was excited to be wrong. I wanted to be impressed by a film featuring laughs-a-minute, slick fourth-wall-breaking moments, and stylized action scenes.

Unfortunately, I only found myself laughing at a dozen or so jokes, while most of the others left me unfazed. The fourth-wall-breaking moments were hit-or-miss for me as well, with some being really clever, mostly when concerning the real-life state of superhero filmmaking. The action scenes — while being spectacular to look at and at times very fun — don’t necessarily do anything particularly new either.

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