Jet Fuel Jukebox: “Jake Saw Lorde” Edition

Jake is going to see Lorde tonight. I repeat, Jake is about to see Lorde, one of his absolute favorite artists, live in concert. Tonight. Like right now, actually.

And for this, I am happy. It’s a good week, and we have for all of our listeners a wonderful list of tracks filling out the Jukebox.

Because Jake is seeing Lorde tonight, he’s added 10 of his favorite songs by the pop star, including “Tennis Court,” “400 Lux,” and “Supercut.” As for myself, I’ve gone ahead and added some brand new stuff, some unknowns, and a specific highlight dedicated to an 80s track that came back into my life this past week, Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over.”

— Michael Lane, Blog Editor

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