Kelly’s Book Bucket List: Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas By: David Mitchell,204,203,200_.jpg

Do you ever read a book and think that everyone else in existence needs to read it immediately? I certainly do. Over the years I’ve read many books I’ve enjoyed, but sometimes I read something so amazing that makes me completely reevaluate my life. I know I’ve read a truly life-changing book when I finish reading the last page and feel physically unable to close the book. Sometimes it’s because I don’t want the story to end, and other times it’s because I’m so mind blown by what I’ve read that I sort of just stop functioning for a moment.

Through this blog I’d like to share with you some of these books, which I like to think of as required reading material for all of humanity–or Kelly’s Book Bucket List, because that’s a lot catchier. These books have affected my life so profoundly that I’d like to share them with you in hopes that maybe some of them will be just as important to you.


The first book I’d like to introduce you to is perhaps the most important to me: Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. I frequently refer to it as “my bible” when recommending it to friends. The story is also extremely difficult to explain, so I apologize in advance. Cloud Atlas begins in the year 1850 in the point of view of Adam Ewing, an American notary who is voyaging through the South Pacific. During his travels he meets a physician who joins him and diagnoses him with a rare brain parasite–and this is where things get interesting.

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