Literary Heroine Spotlight: Clary Fray

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There have been many movie heroines over the past couple decades but Clary Fray, from The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, is a fairly new character. This heroine is not the most popular, but she holds her own amongst a smaller fan base.

Clary Fray is a young adult living alone with her mother in a small apartment. She has been living a fairly normal life for a character her age, until everything changes. The world she lived in is no longer the same and she begins to realize that the stories of fairies, vampires, werewolves, and demons are all very much real. In the novel there are also orders or groups who work to keep peace in this type of realm. Clary discovers that she is a shadowhunter. Throughout the series, readers can find ways to look up to Clary Fray as a heroine and to let imaginations expand into realms were the stories we were told as children are all very much true.

There are many characteristics that make Clary a heroine, but the biggest one is her unique talent as a shadowhunter, which gives her the ability to make new rules and magic. She is able to explore her unique abilities that help her to become independent from her peers. She handles her talent with grace and uses it to help save the organization of the shadowhunters and keep the peace in a world full of the supernatural.

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