Jet Fuel Jukebox for 4/18/17

Imagine: it’s Tuesday, and you’re desperately searching for new music to listen to. If this is you, then you’ve come to the right place, as the Jet Fuel Jukebox has has all your music needs.

We were finally blessed this past weekend with Kendrick Lamar’s new album DAMN., and it’s damn good. So good, in fact, that both Jake and I have highlighted a track from the record. Other than Kendrick, we have highlights from the new Little Dragon full-length release, and tracks from Michael Jackson, The Cure, and Metric.

I also had the pleasure of seeing one of the final performances of pop duo Chairlift this past weekend, so I’ve concluded my half of the playlist with one of my favorite songs by them. R.I.P. Chairlift, you will be missed.

— Michael Lane, Blog Editor

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Basement Dwelling: “Moth” by Chairlift

Viewing the career trajectory of Chairlift through a public lens can be quite confounding. How can a band who started off as a project formed with the intent to provide background music for haunted houses, then go on to be a feared possible one-hit wonder of music’s digital age with their track “Bruises”  being featured in an Apple iPod commercial? It’s a career path that can definitely cause eyebrows to raise. Not to mention how they recently went on to help pop mega-star Beyoncé co-write a track off her last album. Through all of this, Chairlift has been one of synth-pop and indie electronica’s most exciting voices.

All of these are factors that could harm a band’s career in a myriad of ways, but that’s not the case with Chairlift. Through all of these publicly imposed identity crises, musically they’ve always been themselves and Moth is a definite example of Chairlift’s true guise.

What is Chairlift’s true form? It’s a songwriting duo that is making some of the freshest sounding and most impressively produced songs in pop music today. This was already proven on the band’s stellar album Something, but it is made even clearer here. Akin to Grimes’ recent record Art AngelsMoth is a record full of catchy-as-hell hooks, and memorable songs that prove to be another advancement in just how intelligent pop music can be.

All the while, this album feels very of its time without running the risk of sounding dated. This is what pop music’s present sounds like, and most likely will continue to sound like in the future. It’s a concept that is most prevalent on the album’s first four tracks. From the get go, Moth is an ear worm-heavy monster, especially on tracks “Romeo” and “Ch-Ching.” I know we’re only one month into the year, but I wouldn’t be surprised if, by the end of December, I still consider these two of my favorite tracks of 2016.

Jet Fuel Jukebox for 1/19/16

Jukebox_picAfter a dreadfully short winter break, Jake and I return for our first Jet Fuel Jukebox of 2016!

I want to dedicate this week’s playlist to a true legend, the late David Bowie, who died just a little over a week ago from cancer. “Lazarus,” a song from his latest LP, Blackstar, closes out this week’s playlist.

If you haven’t already done so, I implore you to read the review for Blackstar that we posted last week. The review is written by the latest addition to our Jet Fuel Review blogging family, Dan Fiorio.

Rounding out the other 19 tracks on the playlist this week are cuts from Santigold, Maudlin Strangers, and Chairlift.

— Michael Lane, Blog Editor

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