Jet Fuel Jukebox for 11/14/17

Monday got you feeling down? Well, 1: It’s Tuesday, and 2: Jake and I have arrived with our weekly supply of new music for you to listen to and (hopefully) enjoy!

While album releases have more or less been halted as of late — except for that gargantuan, new Taylor Swift record that released this past Friday — there have been a number of stellar singles hitting the charts. With this week’s playlist, we’ve highlighted some of these new singles.

Hit play on the Jukebox below, and savor the excellent brand new sounds from Whitney, Carly Rae Jepsen, The Wombats, and Rita Ora.

— Michael Lane, Blog Editor

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Jet Fuel Jukebox’s Valentine’s Day Spectacular

Jukebox_picHappy Valentine’s Day, listeners! In honor of the holiday, Jake and I have put together a playlist brimming with love songs.

I’ve gone old school for this, choosing all of your mom’s favorite romantic tracks, with highlights from Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, and Elton John. Jake, on the other hand, has included recent love songs from pop icons like Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, and Carly Rae Jepsen.

— Michael Lane, Blog Editor

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Jet Fuel Jukebox: Carly Rae Jepsen Edition

Jukebox_picIs there any time more exciting during the week than when the new Jukebox playlist goes up? Didn’t think so.

It’s hard to believe, but we’re quickly approaching the one year anniversary of the Jukebox. Jake and I felt the need to celebrate one of our absolute favorite artists since the playlist’s conception, Carly Rae Jepsen.

So, yes, as you could likely assume, this entire playlist is comprised of 20 of our absolute favorite Carly Rae Jepsen tracks.

It doesn’t get much better than this.

— Michael Lane, Blog Editor

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Jet Fuel Jukebox: Summer 2016 Edition

Jukebox_picRemember in the last Jet Fuel Jukebox update, when I wrote, “we’re back to updating our regularly scheduled Jet Fuel Jukebox!” Yeah, that was two months ago, and the feature has been dormant ever since. So here I am to apologize on behalf of both Jake and myself for our lacking output on the playlist.


I swear we are back in business. And for good this time! As a bonus, we have an especially wonderful playlist this week.

Fall is nearly upon us. So, for this update, I asked Jake to choose the 10 songs that made summer ’16 for him, and I did the same.

So, without further ado, here’s our collective 20 Songs of the Summer for 2016!

— Michael Lane, Blog Editor

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Jet Fuel Jukebox: Pitchfork 2016 Edition

It has unfortunately been a couple of weeks since we’ve done one of these, and I apologize for that. However, the Jet Fuel Jukebox playlist is coming back strong, with a playlist curated with the help of resident music blogger Dan Fiorio in place of the beloved Jake Johnson.

Dan and I have been waiting for this upcoming weekend for months, as the annual Chicago Pitchfork Music Festival occurs this Friday through Sunday (July 15 – July 17). Dan and I will be going together, so that’s why I’ve asked him to stand in for Jake this week. We’ve each grabbed 1 song from 10 acts we’re excited to see at the festival.

The 20 songs you’ll find on the playlist appear in order of when the artist plays their set at Pitchfork over the three-day period. It features tracks from Carly Rae Jepsen, Broken Social Scene, Sufjan Stevens, and Neon Indian.

If you’re going to be at Pitchfork this weekend, I hope that this playlist acts as a nice introduction to some new artists, or a good refresher for some of the many amazing acts that you can see there.

— Michael Lane, Blog Editor

P.S. The Jet Fuel Jukebox will continue with a regularly scheduled playlist from Jake and I next week!

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Colors of Noise – Carly Rae Jepsen’s “E•MO•TION”

It’s been nearly 3 years since we’ve heard from Carly Rae Jepsen, the girl who once took the world by storm with just one simple song — the 2012 monster hit “Call Me Maybe.” While admittedly not one of the most exciting musicians out there, Jepsen has always seemed eager to shake the title of being the “Call Me Maybe girl” and become something more. With her new album — Emotion (stylized E•MO•TION for extra emphasis) — she has managed to release what is likely the best pop album of the year.

Emotion is the album that Taylor Swift wanted to make with her hit 2014 album 1989. Compared to Swift’s 1989, Emotion sees the former “Canadian Idol” finalist taking on a more authentic and less calculated 80s sound and aesthetic. The album kicks off with one of the best pop songs this year, the dreamy, saxophone-driven “Run Away With Me.” The song is an emotional (no pun intended), nostalgia-inducing banger that sees Jepsen begging her lover to escape with her. The song is already unlike everything previously expected from Jepsen. It’s a mature, heartfelt, undoubtedly great song. As the album progresses, Jepsen only builds her credibility as a serious pop starlet. With songs such as the straight-outta-the-80s title track “Emotion” and “Your Type,” portraying the singer as a scorned lover who would much rather throw on a leather jacket than mourn the loss of a relationship.

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Introducing Our Newest Blogger and The Jet Fuel Jukebox

Hey, dear readers! Here at the Jet Fuel Review, we love having new announcements to share with you. This week, we not only have a new blogger joining the mix, but we’ve come up with what we believe is a really cool idea that we hope you love as much as we do.

Firstly, please help me welcome our newest blogger, Jake Johnson. Jake will be our resident music blogger here at JFR. Jake’s first review for the exceptional Carly Rae Jepsen album, E•MO•TION, will go up tomorrow under the feature title “Colors of Sound.” Today, though, we have a brand new feature to share, The Jet Fuel Jukebox.

The Jet Fuel Jukebox will be a weekly feature in which Jake and I curate a Spotify playlist filled with 20 songs we simply cannot get enough of that particular week. The first ten songs are my recommendations and the last ten are Jake’s. This week’s Jet Fuel Jukebox features the likes of Vampire Weekend, The Cure, and this week’s featured artist, Carly Rae Jepsen.

Check it out!

— Michael Lane, Blog Editor