Introducing Our New Assistant Blog Editors

We here at Jet Fuel Review have some exciting news to share this week. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce three new assistant blog editors who will not only be contributing their own unique blogs to this site, but will be working hard to enlist the work of others as well, making for a much livelier blog, brimming with more content than we’ve ever had before.

Gina Capperino
Gina Capperino

First up, we have Gina Capperino. Gina is currently a senior nursing student at Lewis University, and this is her second semester as a member of the Jet Fuel Review. During school sessions, she works as a CNA (certified nursing assistant), where she lends her ear to veterans so often that she thinks we’re still at war with Korea. In the future, she hopes to work as a healthcare blogger or simply to harass politicians to change healthcare policy. In her free time, she likes to explore the world and compete in risky sports that disqualify her from getting life insurance.

The blog that Gina is going to be writing will be called “Capperino’s Romantic Inquiries,” and it will be all about intimacy in media today. From movies to books, Gina plans to explore how relationships and intimacy in media can affect the viewers of such media. Intimacy is essential to human nature, and media has the opportunity to affect how boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, and any other relationship can communicate. What are these movies and books doing to change how we connect with others? That is the question that Gina will be trying to answer in her blog.

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