Jet Fuel Jukebox for 10/3/17

I would like to take this opportunity to extend thoughts and prayers from the entire Jet Fuel Review staff to any and all affected by the horrendous shooting that occurred in Las Vegas the other night. It is true, especially in troubling times like this, that turning to music may feel like one of the only things we can do, as it provides the comfort and escape we need from the travesties in the real world. But even then, I encourage all to help out in any way, if possible, to support and aid the people and families who are victims of the attack.

Secondly, RIP to Tom Petty, who was one of the greatest rock performers of all time and a childhood favorite of mine. As such, I have honored the man with the inclusion of what is likely my favorite track of his at the top of my half of the playlist.

Elsewhere on the Jukebox this week, Jake and I have highlighted tracks from Angel Olsen, Grizzly Bear, James Blake and Bon Iver, and Post Malone.

— Michael Lane, Blog Editor

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Basement Dwelling: “My Woman” by Angel Olsen

Welcome to Basement Dwelling, where I review new records that should be on your musical radar. What sets Basement Dwelling apart from other music review columns is that these are all albums that are currently residing in my record collection. No promo copy was given, no stream was listened to. Instead, a physical copy of an album was purchased before I listened to it. Don’t think of me as a critic, but as a music obsessive looking to open a dialogue about some of the best tunes that are currently being released.

Let’s head down to the basement and listen to My Woman by Angel Olsen…

Being typecast in the world of music is an incredibly easy thing, especially living in an age of needing to abide by brands or personas to uphold a specific lifestyle. And if you’re a woman? Forget about it. It makes that whole process even more arduous and annoying.

The intent of Angel Olsen’s third full length being titled My Woman has all the intention one could get from it. Olsen has nothing to prove to you but everything to prove to herself and show what she is made of. And apparently what she’s made of is quite significant, because My Woman is an absolutely phenomenal record.

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