Haley’s Poetic Playlist: “Sometime Around Midnight”

Well, hello! My name is Haley and Im trying my hand at this blogging thing. I do not read as much as I should these days, but I do listen to a decent amount of music.

As a long distance runner, I often find myself bored and lonely while pounding out the miles, and music has always kept me company. I used to only be able to listen to fast-paced motivational music, but now Ill listen to almost anything. I often use my runs to discover new music, as it is a distraction from the torture I endure during said runs. So, I am combining my passion for music and love of poetry in the hopes of exposing readers to some lovely musical poetry.


This first song I am looking at is one of my all-time favorite songs. There is such a mix of emotions attached to this particular piece and so many memories that surface when I hear the first note. I first learned of the band Airborne Toxic Event while on a long bus ride home from a cross country meet through a teammates ear bud, and I couldnt get enough. I decided to break up the song and analyze it a few stanzasat a time. The song is called Sometime Around Midnight.”

“Sometime Around Midnight”

“And it starts
Sometime around midnight
Or at least that’s when you lose yourself
For a minute or two”

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