Meet the Editors: Mateusz Czubiński

Hello and welcome back, everyone! For our first “Meet the Editors” of March, we’d like to introduce our assistant social media editor, Mateusz Czubiński. Mateusz is a senior at Lewis University, majoring in English with a concentration in Writing with a minor in History. He is an aspiring technical writer, with experience working as a blog writer and Writing Center tutor. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, as well as traveling at any given opportunity. If he isn’t with friends and family, he is most likely binging any of his favorite shows – Psych, Scrubs, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and New Girl. 

Who are you and what is your role in the Jet Fuel Review? 

My name is Mateusz Czubiński, and I am a Prose Editor and the Assistant Social Media Manager here at Jet Fuel Review! 

-Describe your perfect reading atmosphere.

The perfect reading atmosphere is in a living room, sitting on a comfortable chair next to a fireplace, while a snowstorm rages outside in the cold, dark night. 

-What piece of literature can you reread over and over again? 

An odd one and definitely not a piece of classic literature, but the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series is one that strikes a certain nostalgic chord, and one I can read over and over again.

-Give us a quote from your favorite (or any) book/movie. 

Carpe Diem, Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary” – Dead Poets Society (1989). Something about telling young pupils to live extraordinary lives because death is inevitable is very inspiring. 

-Share your top five favorite pieces of writing.

  1. Goodfellas 
  2. Forrest Gump
  3. Schindler’s List
  4. Inglourious Basterds
  5. Up

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