Meet the Editors: Sean Darke

For the final “Meet the Editors” for the semester, we are excited to present Sean Darke, who is a poetry editor for Jet Fuel Review. I hope you all enjoyed getting to know our wonderful new editors, and I hope you will tune in next semester when we share more. Similar to this series, our “Meet the Bloggers” will make appearance this semester, as we have a new blogger joining soon. Without further ado, here is Sean:

Sean Darke is a senior at Lewis University who is completing his Bachelor’s degree in English Studies. He currently does not have any active positions on an on-campus organization, but recently finished a term as a board member for the Black Student Association last semester. Sean seeks to be a man with many talents and enjoys a range of different activities and hobbies. His favorite sport is basketball, which he loves to watch and play during his free time. Sean hopes that he may be able to become a sports journalist for the NBA.  Sean also loves to read NBA Player autobiographies, as these pieces provide a different perspective that typical media often does not cover.

Below is our Q&A with Darke:

-Who are you and what is your role in the Jet Fuel Review?

My name is Sean Darke, and I am a poetry editor for Jet Fuel Review.

-What book might we find on your nightstand right now?

The Mamba Mentality by Kobe Bryant

-If you had the chance to co-write with one author, who would you choose? Why?

Hayao Miyazaki, the author of the famed Studio Ghibli, is an amazing writer who can create wonderful stories with amazing underlying significance.

-Describe your perfect reading atmosphere.

My perfect reading atmosphere is a cool rainy day. Not thunder storming, but a slight shower that causes a “pitter-patter” on the window. 

-What might your personal library look like?

A library of different philosophies from different times, such as The Mamba Mentality or even the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu.

-If you could “re-make” a poorly written movie that was based on a book, what movie would it be?

I would re-make Twilight just because.

-What piece of literature can you reread over and over again?

 A book that I constantly re-read is still the Tao te Ching. Each page is a small affirmation that helps me conquer the daily negative of the world and within myself.

-Give us a quote from your favorite (or any) book/movie.

”The truth is not always beautiful, nor beautiful words are always true” – Lao Tzu

-If you were invited to have coffee with any fictional character, who would you most like to meet? Why?

I would love to meet “Gearless Joe” from Megalo Boxing. Joe taught that you don’t have to be purebred, have the nicest things, or come from the greatest background. You can be great in your own way and still succeed against all odds. 

-Share your top five favorite pieces of writing (anything included, be it movies, books, etc.).

 Mamba Mentality (Kobe Bryant)

Good Will Hunting  (Gus Van Sant)

Summer Wars (Mamoru Hosoda)

Illusion (Michael A. Goorjian)

Porkchop (Eamon Hardiman)

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