Patiño’s Lores and Myths in Film: The Introduction

Do you like scary stories? The tales that send a wriggling, crawling feeling beneath your skin. The kind that has you skirt the edge of a forest, look under your bed, check the closet and cower beneath the sheets. As strange as it may seem for a species that comes into this world afraid, human beings love to scare each other. And campfire stories tend to be a particular time-honored tradition. What more could you ask for? A dark, chilly night, friends huddled together, the sound of rustling tree branches, chirping crickets and a crackling fire to set the mood. It’s perfect! Those are the types of stories I want to explore.

Image by Pexels by Pixbay

With this blog, I want to look at a specific horror subgenre: folklore. Now, I won’t pretend to be any kind of folklore expert; however, it struck me as the most fascinating in deciding on this blog’s focus. I want to use this space as an opportunity to learn along with you, dear reader. We’ll take this stroll into the shadowy never-ever together! 

So, what counts as folklore? The definition is broad, which is good news for us! This wide range leaves me open to dig deep into a delicious mix of straight-forward horror, genre-blends and experimental art-house features. I don’t want to put myself into too small of a box. That’s much less fun, and more than anything else, I want this blog to be fun! I will also be staying tight-lipped on the watch-list. A little anticipation is good for the soul, dear reader. 

Seeing that I’m not incredibly well-versed in these films’ various mythos and legends, a bit of research will be needed to better grasp the filmmaker’s interpretation and adaptation of the source material. Now, I am living on a college student’s prayer, so it may not exactly be a dissertation. Still, a little background never hurts.

While my film selection criteria are not strict, I’ll have my picks have some kind of folk tale or mythological backing. That’s where the research comes in, baby. All the better to see what large teeth these particular beasties have.

And that’s about the gist of Patiño’s Lores and Myths. I look forward to digging into these spooky tales with you all. Hopefully, if nothing else, we discover something new about a movie we already love or uncover a precious pearl hiding among the coal heap. I, for one, am very excited to get started! 

Image by StockSnap from Pixbay

One more thing! Rather than flat out tell you what movie I’ll be reviewing, let’s play a guessing game. At the end of each review, I’ll drop a hint for the next flick. We’ll have some fun with it because, in the end, this stuff is entertainment. Dear reader, let’s be entertained!

Hint: BW 1.19 

— Chris J. Patiño, Film Blogger.

Chris’ Bio:

Chris J. Patiño is a senior at Lewis University, working toward a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism. Inspired at an early age by the late great Roger Ebert, he looks to follow in the footsteps of the acclaimed film critic and add his voice to the choir of movie discourse. As a Tempo reporter, Chris writes film reviews for The Lewis Flyer. He enjoys just about every film genre, but favorites include horror, sci-fi, and action. A lover of books, board games and the great outdoors, he spends most of his free time in worlds of fantasy and thought. Favorite authors include Stephen King and Jim Butcher, with favorite novels being The Dresden Files series, the Harry Potter series, Salem’s Lot, The Shining, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and All the President’s Men.

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