Putting Tracks on the Map with Trish: Lou Val

Toronto musician Lou Val is a distinguished SoundCloud artist whose sultry vocals and acoustic guitar-heavy beats have made its mark in the R&B sphere. His music was elevated from SoundCloud to renowned platforms such as OVO Sound Radio, Pigeons & Planes, Noisey, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Lou Val released Lonely In Paradise last May. This EP is packed with tracks that capture the artist’s approach to handling topics such as romance, failed relationships, self-reflection, and nostalgia. Lonely In Paradise is a blend of R&B, Indie, and Electronic beats complemented by Lou Val’s honeyed singing.

Songs off of Lonely in Paradise include the leading single, “The Earth Stood Still” as well as “We Live Fast,” “Not So Naive,” “Float,” “What She Needs,” and “Learn To Love.” Lou Val made sure to create an EP that spotlighted his lyrics by avoiding distractingly synthesized drops. These tracks encapsulate his insecurities about intimacy, the longevity of budding affairs, and finding love from within.

His singles “Use Me” featuring Johnny Yukon and “Moon Luv” are composed of jazzy instrumentals, subtle harmonies, and smooth lyricism that convey Lou Val’s thoughts on the purpose of love and how skewed love can be depending on who defines it. These smooth ballads echo his audience’s own perception of what an ideal relationship looks like and the impossibility of finding the “perfect” someone in an imperfect world.

Lou Val’s discography can be described as latent love letters. It is up to Val’s listeners to interpret who these songs are dedicated to.


— Patricia Damocles, Asst. Poetry Editor; Asst. Layout Editor; Communications & Media Editor


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