Artist’s Portfolio: Angela Morris

Found below is a collection of the lively, exceptional artwork of Angela Morris, a Lewis University student that we’re ecstatic to feature here. We’ve interlaced Morris’ bio and process piece between the eight hand-picked pieces we’ve highlighted in this post. See for yourself the stunning artistry of this young talent.

Angela Morris

Angela Morris’ Bio:

I am a senior Illustration major at Lewis University. Experienced in multiple mediums, I had my first gallery show in the Caterpillar Gallery in Romeoville in the fall of 2016.

Golden Eagle

My love of nature is apparent in all of my work and, with the help of my art professor, Mark Swain, has led to a three-month volunteer position in the mammals’ collections department at the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History in the summer of 2017.


Working under fellow Lewis alum Rebecca Benasiak, I received hands-on experience in animal anatomy by preparing and photographing specimens for the museums archive.

Mono Bird

I also had the opportunity to create scientific illustrations for the museum for potential use in future scientific journals.

In The Shadows

My other accomplishments include winning an art purchase award at my previous school, South Suburban College. I won the Presidents’ Art show and third place in the Windows magazine art competition in 2017 for my painting “Barn Owl,” which is also featured on the cover of the Arts & Ideas Spring 2018 at Lewis University.

Barn Owl

Angela Morris’ Process:

Nature is the main inspiration behind all of my work. Capturing the beauty found in the wild and translating it into art is a challenge that I enjoy.


My process involves researching each animal so that I may educate myself about how to best bring them to life in my artwork. While accuracy is important to me, I feel that by positively embellishing each piece a bit, I can engage my viewer even further.


My goal is to give viewers a snapshot of what exists in the wild and what could be lost forever.


— Jet Fuel Review 

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