Meet the Editors: Samantha Moffett

Sam Moffett

For our second post in this series for the new semester, we have Samantha Moffett, an Assistant Fiction & Nonfiction Editor, as well as an Assistant Art & Design Editor.

Sam is a junior at Lewis University and is majoring in English and secondary education. Before coming to Lewis, she attended the College of DuPage for two years and graduated with an Associate’s Degree in general studies. In conjunction with her school work, Samantha works as a tutor at the Writing Center at Lewis. She enjoys reading, writing, drawing, watching horror movies, and riding her bike. When she isn’t buying a mountain of selections from her local Half Price Books, she can usually be found playing with her cat, drinking coffee, or reorganizing her book collection. Some of her favorite authors are Stephen King, Vladimir Nabokov, and Jack Kerouac. Her top three favorite books — at the current moment — are Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, IT by Stephen King, and Coronado by Dennis Lehane.

Below is our Q&A with Sam Moffett:

Who are you and what is your role in the Jet Fuel Review?

Hello! I am Samantha Moffett, and I am an Assistant Fiction & Nonfiction Editor and Assistant Art & Design Editor.

What book might we find on your nightstand right now?

The book you might find on my nightstand would probably be Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk.

If you had the chance to co-write with one author, who would you choose? Why?

If I could co-write with one author, I think that author might be Stephen King. I’ve admired him ever since I was little, so it would be so cool to write some weird piece of fiction with him. He also just seems like a really cool guy to hang out with, so that would be a bonus.

Describe your perfect reading atmosphere.

My perfect reading atmosphere would consist of me sitting in bed wrapped under a mountain of blankets with a nice hot cup of coffee/tea and my cat sitting next to me. I like a comfortable and quiet atmosphere when I read because it helps me concentrate on the novel itself instead of the world around me. I always keep my phone away from me while I read because I don’t want to get distracted by any kind of social media.

What might your personal library look like?

My personal library would have a large mix of every kind of genre. I have a soft spot for fiction and graphic novels, but I want to be able to collect more non-fiction, poetry, and educational textbooks. I would love a good mix of classic literature and weird, off-the-wall comics, poetry, and novels that no one seems to talk about.

If you could remake a poorly written movie that was based on a book, what movie would it be?

I would probably remake Ghost World (2001), directed by Terry Zwigoff. Ghost World is one of my favorite graphic novels and although I liked the casting and direction of the film, I found that the relationship between Enid and Rebecca within the film to be incredibly underdeveloped. Their relationship is the focus of the graphic novel and I felt like the movie spent more time on Enid and Seymour when it should have been more focused on her friendship with Rebecca. It felt very hollow and I want their friendship to be explored more instead of focusing on the character of Seymour.

What piece of literature can you reread over and over again?

The one that I’ve re-read the most would probably be Coronado by Dennis Lehane. It’s a collection of five short stories and play. I picked it up during a used book sale at my local library almost eight years ago and I’m so glad I found it. Lehane’s style is both simple and complex and it captivates me every time. My personal favorite stories from the collection are “Running Out of Dog” and “Until Gwen.”

Give us a quote from your favorite (or any) book/movie.

“(I Talk in a daze, I walk in a maze
I cannot get out, said the starling).”
From Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

If you were invited to have coffee with any fictional character, who would you most like to meet? Why?

It would probably be Dean Moriarty from On The Road. I’ve always admired the soul of this character, even though he has many flaws and makes a lot of bad decisions. But he would definitely be someone who would keep up interesting conversation and would be able to tell me about all the places he’s been.  I’ve always wanted to travel around but can’t due to school and financial reasons, but I feel like having coffee with someone so full of life would help inspire me and ignite some sort of wanderlust.

Share your top five favorite pieces of writing (anything included, be it movies, books, etc.).

I have so many favorites, but here are just a few random five:

  • IT by Stephen King
  • Breathless directed by Jean-Luc Godard
  • “Hills Like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway
  • “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T.S. Eliot
  • Macbeth by William Shakespeare


Next Monday will conclude our series this semester, so be sure to come back then!

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